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10th November, 2017
Fair Trade Organic Nicaragua Segovia  
I misjudged the weather today and didn't wear a rain jacket, or bring my umbrella--and I drove to work under the prettiest blue sky rimmed with clouds.  I headed back to the office, and the next time I came out front it was pouring rain.  We had so many years of drought before last year's epic winter, that I can only be grateful.  In fact, now that we're ten days into November, and two weeks from Thanksgiving, it is a good time to focus on gratitude.

Having fun with these boys in the yard
Tomorrow is the downtown holiday kickoff with the Holiday Market from 10 am - 6 pm (more information here).  We'll be debuting our eggnog lattes, and we'll be giving away one of our large Around The World gift boxes.  For those of us in retail, and I'm sure for all the rest of you too, this season can be incredibly busy.  In the midst of all the bustle it's good to take a minute to say thanks.  So to each and every one of you who reads this: thank you.  I appreciate you taking the time to read what I write, and we all appreciate that you are our customers. 

This week we are featuring our Fair Trade Organic Nicaragua Segovia.  According to our broker, this bean is "sourced from family-owned farms organized around Promotora de Desarrollo Cooperativo de Las Segovias (PRODECOOP), an umbrella cooperative operating in the departments of EstelĂ­, Madriz and Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua."  You can find the PRODECOOP website here, and read about their mission of improving the quality of life of their member farmers.  Their goal is to work with family farmers, with diverse crops, including coffee and honey.  They work to provide a centrally located mill where the farmers can process their beans.

This particular Nicarguan comes from Segovia, and is fully washed and sun dried.  It is certified fair trade and organic, a process that would have been difficult without the support of the co-op.  In the cup it is a delicious bean, full-bodied and nutty.  It pairs great with chocolate, and it's a perpetual favorite around here.  You can try a cup on us this week with the code gratitude.

We are going all out with the holiday tunes and decor tomorrow (and did I mention the eggnog lattes?!), so we're ready for those of you who like to be done shopping early.  A big shout out to Savannah, who came in after hours to transform the store.  Thank you Savannah!  For those of you who aren't quite ready for the holidays, after tomorrow we'll take a break until after Thanksgiving with the Christmas music.  Some people (like me) can't take it this early.  So come on in tomorrow and try our Nicaraguan and check out the fun downtown.  Cheers!
--Holly Fike 

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