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As we settle into our new digs, we've got some pretty cool things in the works. This newsletter features our GROUPON for our new Fall Improv Class Series, or Kidz Birthday Matinee special,  and news of our special guests joining the ranks this weekend, and, well, so much more!

As always, we want to say thank you for all your support. We are truly grateful that you come out to see us, laugh at/with us, and return with more friends and family. Yup, it's a pretty awesome thing, so thank you.

Okay, enough of our ooo'n and aaa'n about our love for our loyal fans. Let's get on with da newz!


Here's the skinny!

Many of you have been asking about our improv classes. Some are interested in leaning performance skills, other public speaking, and yet other just want to increase their confidence.

We've had questions about our Adult, High School, and Middle School classes and questions about when we'll begin the birthday matinee shows we offered at our old location. Well you're in luck.

Friday, September 23 thru 25, GROUPON will run a 1/2 price speCSz Birthday Matineecial for our CLASSES and BIRTHDAY MATINEE shows. The Goupons will be valid until May 30, 2012. Currently, we have our Fall class schedule listed, and we are still scheduling our WINTER and SPRING programs.

Purchase the Birthday Party Package now, and you're pretty much done planning little Sally's 10th birthday party! And she won't be turning 10, until March!!

These classes make great Birthday presents, Christmas presents, Hanuka, Kwanza, Box Day, or even New Years presents. Check it and purchase this weekend, as the offer ends Sunday at Midnight! Our GROUPON goes live tonight at midnight!


Hairspray and ComedySportz


We can't wait to see you again. So make those reservation and we'll do our part to make stuff up and make you laugh!


Peace and Laughter,


CSzRVA Crew 
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Circle of Life
Wanna Volunteer?
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Circle of Life
This weekend was a banner weekend for ComedySportz Richmond shows.

Over the course of the weekend, we had a scene that ended with the song Circle of Life from the Lion King. Our own Aaron Grant and his new baby Jackson, were in the audience watching.


read more


Wanna Volunteer?
Daryl Scruggs
Looking for a way to participate in ComedySportz without actually being in the show? Think you'd like to be at our theatre once or twice a month, and get to know the fans and players?

Well, we're looking volunteers to act as our  box office host.

Not only will you have fun, we'll make sure you get all sorts of cool stuff, like tickets to our shows, food, beverages, tickets to our shows...hugs.

If you would like more information, please send us an email to


Bit O Funny!
On those ultra hot days this summer, this game became a player fav, as well as a Loyal Fan fav!
Click the pic to view.
ComedySportz Richmond : Spit Take
ComedySportRichmond : Spit Take


Follow us on TwitterLike us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter and Facebook! We'd love to hear your feadback, know what games are your favorite, and have you join us in playing some improv games. Who knows, you might even win free ticket to see our shows! Yes! It Could Happen!!!


Save 50%On Improv Classes with ComedySportz University or our new Birthday Matinee show great for Kidz!  On sale this weekend only through


Offer Expires: Goupon expires 5/30/2012