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Sarah Chayes

Currently a senior associate in Carnegie's Democracy and Rule of Law Program and South Asia Program, and formerly special adviser to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Sarah Chayes is an expert in South Asia policy, kleptocracy and anticorruption, and civil-military relations.

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A former reporter, she covered the fall of the Taliban for NPR, then left journalism to remain in Kandahar in order to contribute to the reconstruction of the country. Chayes lived in Afghanistan almost continuously since December 2001, running a nongovernmental organization, and later launching a manufacturing cooperative utilizing local agriculture.

She contributed her unique understanding of the Afghan south to the NATO command's decision-making process and anti-corruption efforts. In 2010, Chayes became special adviser to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, contributing to strategic policy on Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Arab Spring.

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CHAT & CHOWDER Author Series
Feb. 11: Sources of Global Instability
Thieves of State:
Why Corruption Threatens Global Security
Sarah Chayes
Senior Associate,
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Former adviser to the Joint Chiefs of Staff

The bloody implosion of Iraq and Syria; the East-West standoff in Ukraine; abducted schoolgirls in northern Nigeria. Is there some thread tying these frightening international security crises together? In a riveting account that weaves history with fast-moving reportage and insider accounts from the Afghanistan war, Sarah Chayes identifies the unexpected link: corruption.

Chayes plunges readers into some of the most venal environments on earth and examines what emerges: Afghans returning to the Taliban, Egyptians overthrowing the Mubarak government (but also redesigning Al-Qaeda), and Nigerians embracing both radical evangelical Christianity and the Islamist terror group Boko Haram. In many such places, rigid moral codes are put forth as an antidote to the collapse of public integrity. Thieves of State presents a powerful new way to understand global extremism, and it makes a compelling case for confronting corruption as a cause--not a result--of global instability.


February 11 (Wed.), 5:30 - 7:00 pm

Downtown Harvard Club
One Federal Street, Boston 02110 (directions)
Note: Photo ID required. On-site parking: $10
$17 WorldBoston Members / $27 General Admission 
Price includes a trio of delicious chowders, and
non-alcoholic beverages. A cash bar will also be available.
The author will sign books following the program.

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