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Karen Harvell Francis
Successfully Single
Karen Harvell Francis
Karen Harvell Francis has over 15 years of Sales, Account Management, Human Resources and Finance experience with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world. Her experience includes excelling with the industry giants Manpower Group Solutions, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, AOL and YAHOO! 
Karen's endearing attachment to radio began with one of the oldest African American Radio Stations in the Nation. WANT - 990 in Richmond, Virginia. Karen hosted Love Notes and worked every format from Gospel to Hip Hop to Talk Radio. Karen later went on to host and program several radio shows with Freeman Communications, Hoffman Communications, FM 100 INC and Radio One (WREJ 1240, WSOJ, 100 FM,  WKJS 104.7 FM, 1590, 900 Mile Internet Radio and Blogtalk Radio (Positive Inspirations and Successfully Single). I'll talk with Karen about her Successfully Single brand and how it is changing the game and empowering singles to pursue their passions beyond marriage.
Karen's profile and efforts make her anything but single as she commits to serve throughout her community and in ministry. Listen in Saturday, April 5th for more about her upbringing, successes and entrepreneurial endeavors you'll want to follow.
Priest Tyaire Productions 
Hear from Producer, Priest Tyaire & Cast Member, Camille C. Forrest 
Priest Tyaire
Having produced 45 successful performances in the last five years certainly gives Priest Tyaire expert advice to share on how to become a mogul in the theatrical realm. I'll talk with him live in between performances and learn how Atlanta is receiving his latest work. Consider this your spoiler alert before you go out to the last show or join the cast in Columbus, GA. Because I certainly want to know how Mrs. Independent remains faithful to her vows and career.

A stage play would not be complete without a powerhouse singer like Camille C. Forrest. Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Ms. Forrest has also toured the musical circuit abroad using her voice to wow audiences in Singapore, Malaysia, and Penang. She is also the author of the book, Chosen to Worship. I'll ask her how it all came together to land a part in Mrs. Independent. 

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Mrs. Independent includes a few of stage plays' best actors like Robin Givens and Shirley Murdock. Mr. Tyaire is also a member of the cast but remains focused and humble as he attributes all of his success to his late parents, Cynthia Moss White and Henry Byrd.  Mrs. Independent - The Stage Play
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