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Henna Hundal
Health and Wellness Advocate
Henna Hundal 
Henna Hundal is a high school junior from Turlock, California and a dedicated advocate for young people's health/wellness/fitness. She has been published over seventy-five times in a variety of print and online publications including three local newspapers, Teen Ink Magazine, Contentment Health Magazine, The Huffington Post, Yahoo! Voices, and Sparklife. She also has a "Health with Henna" segment on Express Yourself! Teen Radio, the #1 most listened to program on the VoiceAmerica Kids Network. On her radio segment, Henna discusses the latest health research coming out in medical journals in hopes that more young people can become informed about health issues. Henna's mission is to empower the new generation to lead active, healthy lives so that they might be better equipped to face the future.

And if that is not enough Henna will tell the Game Changers' listeners what she is doing to revive the national dialogue on young people's health. Lisa will also talk to Henna about what parents, the media, and game changers can do to join in taking a proactive stance on health issues. Listen Saturday for Henna Hundal, a young lady who is speaking to the nation about the health of her peers.

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Pontius Joseph

American Author | Poet | Filmmaker

Pontius Joseph

Pontius Joseph is an American author, poet, and filmmaker. His latest  film is Chasing Jagger, filmed at Johnson & Wales University on the North Miami Campus. Lisa will talk to Pontius about his film and his latest book, A Gentleman with C.S.L.: A Young Gentleman's Guide to Dating and Relationships. 


A Gentleman with C.S.L. is the mind-blowing book that just may help young gentlemen with their dating and relationship struggles. Mind-blowing because the book delves into the knowledge of dating with a fresh perspective. Joseph's book lays out a game plan for making your relationship last a lifetime. Yes, A Gentleman with C.S.L. has information that could change the game of dating for young men and women alike. Pontius explains how young men should treat a lady, and mostly importantly, how to keep a lady happy! Pick up a copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Books


Pontius was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a student at Johnson & Wales University working on his Bachelor's in Hospitality. Lisa will learn how Pontius came up with the idea for the book and why he believes it is needed for his generation. And of course we will crack the code on C.S.L., and learn how it applies to Pontius personally. Let's be refreshed, entertained and enlightened on the game by a young man with all the right moves.

Game Changers with Lisa Faulkner Show Spotlight
As we approach Mother's Day let us of course be thankful for the mothers who are still with us and hear from the founder of an Atlanta organization that seeks to empower 
Students Without Mothers is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping high school students without mothers help themselves by empowering them to continue their education. The organization's main purpose is to provide scholarships for college bound high school seniors who are without their mothers due to death or other unfortunate circumstances. Students Without Mothers was founded by Mary Torrence in 2004. Ms. Torrence will join us and tell us more about why she decided to embrace such a worthy cause. We will also learn how to join the village of supporters who are helping to pave the way to higher education for these determined youth.

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