Cheryl Laughlin
Founder of BITS OF LOVE
     Cheryl Laughlin

How does a wordsmith exist without words? With shock and fear unfortunately when at age 33, Cheryl Laughlin, the owner and designer of BITS OF LOVE jewelry, and bona fide wordsmith lost her edge on the use of words in her life and career. It was a a Tick bite and a diagnosis of Lyme disease to blame for the consequent years she spent scrambling to find her words again. Then out of the struggle, Wordsmith turned Game Changer, Cheryl Laughlin was reminded of a LOVE ring from her childhood. Cheryl asked herself, "How about tiny, powerful word rings to inspire other people taking on the unexpected ups and downs of life?" She reclaimed her love of words with her BITS OF LOVE rings and Thank You cards. Cheryl believes she can never say please and thank you enough for all the kindness she has received along the way. 


Cheryl's signature rings come with inspirational postcards that signify the true, touching meaning of each ring. As a woman Cheryl brings encouragement and direction to other women to follow what they really truly want in life. Her four letter word designs mean "Be BOLD, LOVE much, HOPE for awesomeness". Tune in this week to hear how the BITS OF LOVE rings have brought release to the lives of others suffering and how a portion of the sales benefit STREET POETS INC., a Los Angeles poetry initiative for at-risk youth that also believes in the power of words to transform. 


You can follow Cheryl's new fangled words, style, Lyme disease, and general serendipity and inspiration on her blog at BITS OF LOVE or @bitsoflovestyle on Twitter. Game Changers' host and fellow wordsmith, Lisa Faulkner will fondly follow her efforts this week on the show with a look at how Cheryl and others work diligently in May, Lyme Awareness month, to get others to pay attention to the preying habits of ticks and the ways to fight Lyme disease. Cheryl will also discuss how her struggles turned out to be an unexpected turning point as she fought memory loss, excruciating joint pain, and extreme fatigue. Through it all Cheryl learned screenwriting and launched BITS OF LOVE jewelry. Listen Saturday for the unique and inspirational story of how Cheryl let go of previous paths and trusted the new ones set before her to achieve greater. 

Kristie Kennedy

Speaker | Author | Coach

Kristie Kennedy

She's fresh, she's hot and just the kind of Game Changer Lisa likes to bring to the forefront, Kristie Kennedy! A women's empowerment speaker, entrepreneurial leadership coach and accomplished author. She is skilled in four areas of personal development: mindset, momentum, motivation and potential maximization. Get ready for Ms. Kennedy's passion for helping leaders who have reached a mental plateau, and the proven strategies she uses to help them turn their cant's into cans and their dreams into plans. Her life is a testament that it is 100% possible to shift from mediocrity to magnificence one bold action step at a time. 



Enjoy and relate to her firsthand advice Saturday as Lisa opens the mic up to Kristie to explain in her terms what it means to be a game changer. Kristie was so empowered by the concept she wrote a new article as a tribute to the Game Changers show in Black Life Coaches online magazine. Kristie's efforts can also be reviewed in her Magnificent Living Magazine May issue. Watch her YouTube Promo and join us Saturday for excitement and a true breed of daring. 


Kristie will not disappoint as she discusses how to overcome obstacles; the thrill of becoming a game changer; and the mindset and behavior to becoming a game changer. Lisa is excited to talk this week with another Game Changer on the move staying relevant and on the cutting edge of changing the game. 

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