Newsletter of the Association of Alaska School Boards
Our Mission: To advocate for children and youth by assisting school boards in providing
quality public education, focused on student achievement, through effective local governance.

Norm Wooten
AASB Executive Director
Barb (QasuGlana) Amarok
AASB Board, Nome Board
Pete Hoepfner
AASB Board President
Executive Director's Report
The 30 th Legislature has convened and looks very different from the 29 th Legislature. What is the school board's role? Some advocacy suggestions for board members.
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Pedagogy for Success in Alaska
Addressing the academic success and graduation rates of Alaska Native students who are grounded in their cultural identity with the ability to successfully pursue their goals.
Dr. Michael Johnson
EED Commissioner
Meeting Alaska's Education Challenge
The most pressing issue for Alaska's public education system is the lack of a fiscal plan. Our state savings accounts are almost depleted due to the lack of agreement on a sustainable fiscal plan that will address the new economic normal for Alaska. Oil will not provide the income we have enjoyed in the past. We have to make some difficult choices. Read More 
Michelle Egan
Alyeska Corporate Communications Director
Lighting a match on social media can burn bridges
It's a powerful feeling. I'm scrolling along my Facebook or Twitter feed and BAM, something offends my sensibilities. Maybe it's an insensitive comment posted by a colleague, the blunder of a local organization, or the inaction of an elected official. I get the sudden urge to weigh in by saying something meaningful, drawing my social media community into a discussion. Read More
Does my board have to adopt a transgender policy as it comes forth?
The transgender issue has been fluid in the courts, with a Supreme Court case due soon.
Got Questions?  
We get lots of questions from board members, so we've compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked ones. Go ahead, try to stump us! 
Does your bandwidth support your goals?
Is digital learning crucial to your district's instructional goals? Does your district have adequate bandwidth to pursue those goals? Take our Snapshot Poll. 
Websites Compare District Broadband Speeds and Rates
Broadband access is a key component of school modernization, yet accurate information on Alaska's statewide broadband speeds and rates has been difficult to find. Here are two websites that can offer a clearer picture. Read More
McDonald One of Four Finalists for National Superintendent of the Year
Stewart McDonald
Kodiak Superintendent
Kodiak Island Borough School District Superintendent Stewart McDonald has been selected as a finalist for the 2017 National Superintendent of the Year (NSOY). McDonald was named the Alaska Superintendent of the Year in August which qualified him for the national award.
Data Viz: Statewide Results of School Climate and Connectedness Survey 
AASB's School Climate and Connectedness Survey (SCCS) is a voluntary statewide survey that has been taken by students and staff since 2006. It measures a variety of factors that impact student success. 43,872 students, 8,282 staff and 29 school districts took the SCCS in 2016.
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