Southern California:
A major duration Santa Ana wind event is occurring in SoCal though Friday. These winds have the potential to impact numerous crops grown in the region.
The Desert:
In Yuma, Arizona growers are 7-14 days ahead of harvesting schedules. The weather has been ideal for crops and demand has been lower creating deflated markets.  We are anticipating a supply gap at the end of this month/beginning of January.
We will see celery, broccoli, and cauliflower slowly trend higher as we approach the Christmas pull over the next three weeks. When the temperatures drop enough to cause lettuce ice and delays in harvesting, the markets will react very quickly.

Escalated pricing is still in effect. This situation is projected to continue into mid-December, possibly through the end of the year. 

"Growers have faced delays and lower early yields in the wake of Hurricane Irma. However, because little had been planted before the storm, it is possible Irma will prove to be only a major hassle for vegetable growers rather than a catastrophe like it was for citrus growers." Click for more.
Ample supplies are coming from Central Mexico and Peru; demand is off.
The lettuce and romaine markets are very competitive; 
good weights and nice quality.
Stone Fruits
Plums will be available through mid-December. Peaches and Nectarines are in a supply gap as domestic crops have finished and Chili hasn't begun.
The Navel crop is the lightest crop since 2009; it will not fill demand. Small fruit will be in short supplies all season long. 



We have Many Varieties of Apples and Pears Available.

A large group of Mexican growers have shut down their harvest in an effort to increase field prices. The markets are beginning to react.


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