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                                                                         November  24,  2013




Everybody has a story.  Every story has surprises. Things that come along and turn the story in a unexpected direction.  We call these moments script changes.  The story needs a re-write.


These script change moments are what we are looking at this weekend.  What do you do when the story changes and you need to make a new plan?  Handling this critical moment will have a great impact on your story.


Looking forward to our gathering on Sunday.  It is a moment in the week where Common Church is in one place.  A time to laugh, pray, share life and consider the Scriptures.


See you in the Back Bay.


Grace and Peace 


Nick Fatato

Pastor, Common Church



Sunday Gathering - 11 AM

John Hancock Center

Boston Common Hotel &   
Conference Center
40 Trinity Place
Boston, MA 02116

Street parking around the building - Free on Sundays
Parking Garage - 100  -  Free courtesy of Common Church

Back Bay  - Orange Line
Back Bay  - Commuter Rail
Copley Square  - Green Line

Mass Pike - Prudential Exit #22

John Hancock Center - Map
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