November 1, 2012

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Get Off Your A$$!    


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Get Off Your A$$!
An Introduction to Time Banking
Finding Your Cash Flow Mojo
Cultivating the Garden Brigade
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An Introduction to Time Banking 

If you want to learn more about time banking or know someone who does, this event is for you. Come learning about this incredible new opportunity for economic enhancement in this hour long event. We will take you step by step through the website and go over the 5 values of time banking: 

  • We are all assets.
  • Some work is beyond price.
  • Helping works better as a two way street.
  • We need each other.
  • Everyone deserves respect. 

This event is free, but is sure to be a great investment to secure abundance for you and your community.

Finding Your Cash Flow Mojo
This is not necessarily a time bank event, however, it can help you open up your flow of the wealth that really matters... and it�s not just about money.

Got money matters? Is it gnawing at your health, relationships, & business?  No worries.  Join us for an event designed to get your cash flowin'in 2013. Here's what you'll learn & experience:

    :) new definition of cash flow that will shift everything
    :) how to get out of your own way of abundance
    :) how all areas of your life effect the flow of money
    :) you may even be one of the lucky ones to do a 1-1 session

Michelle Matro will help you "find your cash flow mojo".  She's been assisting people around the country since 1988 & is looking forward to helping you. Add Wednesday evening, January 30th, to your calendar for what may be a game changer for you this year.  Be sure to pass this onto others who may benefit.
For more information about Michelle go to:

Seating is limited, so be sure to RSVP to by January 25

Where:TRANSENDANCE, 1487 Second Street, Suite B., Sarasota  Ph (941) 953-2209.
When:   Wednesday, January 30 at7pm

Cultivating the Garden Brigade

Want to be part of making Sarasota more sustainable? How about more edible? In addition to providing fresh food, gardening has long been known to increase community bonds. If you have property that can be used for a garden or if you�d like to get your hands dirty and feel a stronger connection with the earth, the Garden Brigade needs your help.


If you would like to be involved in the Garden Brigade by lending a hand or strong back with the cultivation, providing land for culinary development, or helping to reap the harvest, please join us on Thursday, January 31 from 6-8pm at Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center, 525 Kumquat Court (enter on west end of the building). Cultivating the Garden Brigade will consist of getting to know the players, making plans for development, and explaining how the Common Wealth Time Bank can be used to facilitate the process and help plant the seeds for a more abundant tomorrow.


The Common Wealth Time Bank blog is off to a great start, offering you loads of information on what this new form of currency is and why it is so important for the future we are creating together. Find out about how we can go about Turning Consumers Back Into Citizens, how we go about developing Collaborative Happiness, and how we can go about Meeting Our Needs with Time Dollars.


If you have something to add to the discussion, please feel free to. This blog is meant to be an open forum to discuss where we�re going and how we�re going to get there.


If you don�t yet �like� our Facebook page, please do so now and invite your friends and family. The only value we have is what you invest. 


Happy Time Banking,



Steve McAllister
The Common Wealth Time Bank DOOD