30 years of 
Compassion and Care
See how  Bob's Closet is another reminder of how important Replacements Ltd. is in our community!
Renee began working as a Case Manager for Triad Health Project in Sept 2015. During her time here, she has assisted many clients with achieving personal successes. Rodney is one of them.
Rodney has a joyous and effervescent personality which makes him well known at THP and at Higher Ground. He is a determined individual and works hard toward his goals. Though he has had his fair share of trials, he is always able to find he silver lining. 

Many of our clients explain that they have a hard time securing employment due to their appearance and lack of self confidence. Rodney explains, "My referral from Renee to Bob's Closet was extraordinary because I could never afford what they provided to me on my own. Bob's Closet is important to our community because when you look good, you feel good, and confidence in yourself is so important."

Without the support of Bob's Closet, the limited resources of many in our community would also have to be budgeted for clothing. Bob's Closet allows clients to focus on basic necessities like food, health care, and housing, which, in turn, helps alleviate the strain to local non-profits like THP.
"I just want to add that I am very grateful and thankful to THP and Bob's Closet!"  

Thank you, Ashley, Bob, and the staff of Replacements Ltd.! 

25th Annual Winter Walk for AIDS and Ron Johnson 5K is less than 6 months away!  

Mark your calendars for
 December 4, 2016

National HIV Testing Day was June 27th.  
THP Prevention staff reached over 45 people in our community. Of the results given, there were NO NEW POSITIVES.

All are welcome to join the State HIV/STD/Hepatitis Unit Joint Planning Meeting  located at 

The Women's Hospital of Greensboro, Women's Education Center 
801 Green Valley Road, Greensboro, NC 27408 
July 15, 2016 from 9am to 12pm.

Conversation will include:

1) Identifying additional services that will improve health care access for those who are HIV positive. 

2) Discussing how Prevention, Care and HOPWA funding can be better utilized to enhance HIV service delivery across the State.

3) Identifying communities that could benefit from additional HIV Prevention, Care and HOPWA activities.

4) Anything else you want to share about HIV Prevention, Care and HOPWA.
For questions about the workshop and/or registration, please contact:

Charity Richardson @ (919) 733-9589 
Email: charity.richardson@dhhs.nc.gov

Welcome to Bo'stro THP
One of the unsung beauties of Triad Health Project is the culture it provides to employees. Most unlike any other place of work, THP employees often care for one another through the vehicle of food. 

Our favorite "restaurant" is appropriately named the Bo'stro, after the staff's love of Bo-Berry biscuits, Cajun fillet biscuit, or when in season, the Fishcuit, made famous by former Case Manager Ben Parker. 
Bo'stro THP is beloved by all who graze its buffets. Staff have been introduced to many culinary delights from around the world, from Stephanie's Peking Duck and leftover lamb, to Casey's weekly spaghetti, Lakecia's breakfast wings, and Amy's pulled pork. Meagan brings homegrown tomatoes and peaches in season, and is the only one to offer soups during 90 degree days. Leftover curries, sushi, and Mexican delights, brought in from many restaurants about town, are tasted and compared. Many staff blame the Bo'stro for the 5-10 pounds of weight gain within their first year at THP, but few can resist the camaraderie it offers. 
There have also been many cutthroat cooking competitions held here, with staff making donations to sample and vote. All proceeds go to Winter Walk's Team THP, but winners enjoy great glory as well. We have raised well into the thousands from these competitions throughout the years. 

There's no question about THP staff's resourceful nature.  The Bo'stro is sparsely equipped, with a coffee maker, toaster, microwave, a small fridge, and a wobbly table that is braced by the wall. If asked, we would not trade this space for a 5-star kitchen...the Bo'stro serves as a fine example of THP, doing our best with what we have. 

Case Managers and Team Prevention address heavy issues day in and day out, often while sharing meals with each other. Not only does the Bo'stro serve a team building purpose, we are constantly reminded in our work that thousands of our neighbors have food insecurity, and therefore, we prefer to share rather than waste. 

Over the years, staff come and go. Anyone who has ever worked at THP will remark that they miss the Bo'stro and its many memories. As we embark on a new season at THP, we hope that these traditions continue.

If you would like more information about starting a Bo'stro in your workplace, please contact 
our staff by calling 336-275-1654.