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 Zaki Candlelight Vigil


Tomorrow night (December 18, 2012) Zaki will be hosting a Candlelight vigil in our parking lot to pay our respects for the loss of life in Newtown Connecticut  and to remember and support other families of victims of gun violence here in the Bay Area, across the nation, and around the world


Everyone is welcome to this event  and to bring pictures of their loss as we stand together to pay our respects as a community. As victims of gun violence, heartbreaking events like these especially hits home for us.



My brother Asama Ayyad, just 20 years old, was fatally shot multiple times in Richmond in June 2010 while waiting for a traffic light.  It was touching to see the outpouring of support from our customers, even complete strangers some even came to our home to pay their respect s and give their condolences. Amid the sadness over our loss it was a great feeling that our family felt with the out pour of emotional support and love.  


 It was hard to watch news reports of children being shot and killed, right before the holidays and to hear of the brutal description of how they were killed some being shot multiple times, some being shot in the face I woke up with the TV on early in the morning a few days ago and the news of the children being killed it was hard to hold back tears, I don't like crying but it was hard to resist. 


It's hard to think of what to be  mad at when things like this happen, it makes us think twice when sending our children to school, no matter where you live, I actually know a restaurant owner in Newtown, he couldn't stop hugging his kids as he sent them to school after the shooting happened.    



  On a positive note, complete strangers can come together at times like these, put their differences down and show kindness and good faith toward one another, and this renews my faith in humanity in such an inhumane world.


So let's come together tomorrow:


You are invited to Zaki's Candlelight Vigil tomorrow night. December 18, 2012  from 5pm-6pm in Zaki's Parking lot



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