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December 2017
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Holiday Hours 
Community Futures Cariboo Chilcotin will be closed December 22, 2017 at 12:00pm.  We will re-open to welcome in the New Year January 2, 2018. 
"A brand is what a business does, reputation is what people remember." 
~Ted Rubin
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Shipping through Canada Post

Does your business frequently ship through Canada Post?

Canada Post's online shipping is now accessible through PayPal business accounts. The new feature allows you to get paid, ship your items by printing the shipping label, and access small business rates offered by Canada Post. 

For more info follow the link: 
Success Stories 

Has Community Futures Cariboo Chilcotin played a role in your Small Business' success? 

Would you be interested in having a feature article completed on your business for our newsletters and social media accounts? 

Please send me an email by clicking the link below: 

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BC Wildfire Relief 
Canadian Red Cross 

Support to Small Businesses, Not-for-Profit Organizations and First Nations Cultural Livelihoods
The Canadian Red Cross is committed to supporting small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and  First Nations cultural livelihoods   that were impacted by the 2017 British Columbia wildfires. Experience has shown us this assistance greatly helps people and communities recover from a disaster.

For more information or to apply on line please follow the link:

To directly access the application for small businesses, please follow the link:

BC Fires- Helping Communities Recover - Red Cross Information
Thanks to funding from the Government of B.C., the Government of Canada and generous Canadians, the Red Cross is able to provide programs and services that help communities, households and individuals recover from the fires.

To view the complete information release, please see  click here
Holiday Celebration Ideas

The holidays are often the busiest time of the year for Small Businesses and their employees. Whether you choose to celebrate the holidays with co-workers by hosting a staff party or by a gift exchange, here are some ideas:
Staff Party Ideas
  1. Holiday Lunch  - Rather than a dinner, treat employees to a catered lunch. This keeps the activities to within work hours and less expensive than catering a fancy dinner. 
  2. Potluck- Similar to the having a lunch, have employees bring in their favourite foods for a lunch or afternoon of taste testing. 
  3. Decorating Contest- Place your employees into teams and host a gingerbread house decorating contest. Complete the event with tasty treats and warm drinks. 
  4. Gift Exchange- A typical holiday event is the gift exchange. The exchange could easily be incorporated into the workplace throughout the month of December or could be a part of your staff party. See below for a few gift exchange ideas.
Gift Exchange Ideas
  1. Secret Santa - The classic gift exchange idea. Everyone in the office draws the name of a co-worker for whom they will buy an inexpensive gift. 
  2. Book Exchange - Have each employee bring in a copy of his or her favourite book. Draw names out of a hat for the books. 
  3. Coffee Mugs- Nearly everyone has a favourite hot drink. Assign everyone a random name and set a price limit to purchase decorative mugs. To make it more fun have the employees fill the mugs with treats. 
  4. Recipe Baskets- Employees make a gift basket complete with the instructions and ingredients to a favourite dish. To choose who gets which basket, draw names. 
  5. Cookie Exchange- Have employees bring in a plate of their favourite cookie recipe. This is great for employees with all types of participation levels as they can choose to create their own cookies or bring in their favourite store bought recipe.

Elfster - Secret Santa Generator 

If you would like help with your gift exchanges, Elfster is a free website that allows you to invite employees to join the gift exchange and draws names for you! It also allows you to set the budget of your exchange and lets employees make a wishlist of gifts that are within the budget. If you are skipping the gift exchange at work, this site is also useful for family and friend exchanges. 

While many employees enjoy being apart of gift exchanges, employers should be aware of everyone's budgetary concerns. Try to be inclusive and mindful of all employees, make the exchange an opt-in experience rather than an opt-out. Remember to include employees on maternity/paternity leave or sick leave. 
For an expanded description on each of the above ideas, check out the article links below!

9 Gift-Exchange Ideas for Your Office Holiday Party

15 Office Holiday Party Ideas for Teams of Every Size (and Budget)
December Seminars 

Small Business BC is hosting several interesting seminars for the month of December that are available to view through webinars. 
A few seminars of note:  

For a complete list of available seminars please visit:

By signing up to participate in a seminar via webinar, you will receive a link once the webinar is complete to replay the webinar. The link remains live for one week after the seminar. This means you do not have to watch the entire seminar at one time and can replay any parts that you would like to listen to again. 
Upcoming Events

Any feedback, information or event contributions that you would like to see in our next newsletter please contact:  Alexis Forseille


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