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"The road to success is always under construction "
~ Lily Tomlin

"Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement"
Jame Cash (J.C.) Penney
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Google My Business
Google My Business is a free service offered by Google that helps make sure your business listing appears when people search for your business or businesses like yours. The listing shows up on the right hand side of the Google search pages and as a listing on Google Maps. 

You can update your business listing at any time to include such things as your business phone number, your website and your hours of operation. Further, you have the option of adding a business overview and post updates to entice people interested in the products or services you offer. 

For more information please visit  Google My Business

You will be asked to create or sign into an existing Google Account to ensure your listing remains secure and is claimed by the correct business owner. 
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Employee Appreciation
With Valentines' Day around the corner, show your employees your appreciation for everything they do by building an employee appreciation program. Employee appreciation and recognition has shown to increase motivation and satisfaction; leading to an increase in employee retention.  
Take a look at the ideas below to kick-start your business' employee appreciation. 

Affordable Ideas for Employee Appreciation Events
Recognition  makes employees feel appreciated : you're showing your peer, manager, or direct report that his or her work matters. Don't let the day-to-day of your job get in the way of showing your gratitude; a little workplace appreciation goes a long way towards boosting employee morale.  

  1. Celebrate small accomplishments- whether in a meeting, an email to the company or another creative way
  2. Two words: Sundae bar!
  3. Implement an employee of the month program and have nominations
  4. Say it with flowers
  5. Be vocal. If a colleague praises a coworker in a meeting, let that coworker know. Spread the word that they are appreciated. 
  6. Give a gift card to a local coffee shop after a particularly hard week to show your appreciation. 
  7. Be polite and friendly. It goes a long way. 
  8. Encourage and recognize those who participate in continuing education. 
  9. Start a suggestion program about how to improve your office. 
  10. Celebrate the small milestones, like birthdays. Have a calendar so you don't forget, get a cake and have the office sign a card. 
  11. Have a mid-week treat in the breakroom. 
  12. Stock your office with a variety of snacks and treats. 
  13. Have a pizza party.
  14. Say "thank you "often. 
To view the complete article please visit: Just Works: Try These 35 Inexpensive Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

Staff Appreciation Ideas and Recognition Ideas 
Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. When they're disgruntled or apathetic, they clog the arteries of your operations. But engaged employees make things flow smoothly in every part of your workplace. Staff appreciation is a key engagement tool.

Here are some creative staff appreciation and employee recognition ideas that you can put in place with very little cost. 
  1. Time to brag- arrange for a team to show their work to upper management. 
  2. Employees' choice- let your employees create their own awards program and vote on the winners. 
  3. Surprise appreciation celebrations- this could be as simple as a batch of cookies. 
  4. Reward the whole team-  studies show that building an entire team builds everyone's performance. 
  5. Choose your own assignment- if you can allow employees to choose their work, they will be more engaged and delighted. 
  6. Invest in Employees' Professional Development- even if you don't pay for classes, you can still support your employees professional development by encouraging and offering free online courses, mentorship from executives and giving them a chance to lead an office initiative. 
  7. Show your employees they matter- Take time to get to know all your employees, actively listen and remember what your employees care about. 
  8. Make it formal: write a letter- Here's a simple, free, influential method for recognizing your employees. Write a personal letter explaining in detail why a particular employee deserves praise. Place a copy of the letter in their employee file. 
  9. The bulletin board- An easy way to employees to connect on things outside of work. Have a bulletin board for employees to post notes about things they want to share from the world outside the office doors.

Employee Appreciation: The Priceless Impact on Workplace Reputation
As children, many of us are taught that "please" and "thank you" are invaluable words. But as employers, we often forget that remembering to say "thank you" to employees can have an almost priceless impact on the workplace.

Start showing better appreciation for your employees by following these three steps:

Step 1: Understand and communicate employees' importance
Before management and HR staff can truly appreciate employees, they must understand the value employees bring to the company. Think out the following scenario: If a significant number of star employees left today primarily because they did not feel valued, what impact would it have on company recruiting and the business overall?
For most companies, it would be devastating. Your company's talent pipeline would be challenged as employee referrals would likely slow down.
Their feedback to others about the work environment and culture would likely not offer a glowing report. Not to mention, it's likely that each employee has personal relationships with your customers, business partners and vendors.
Think about all those conversations employees have day in and day out - how will their dissatisfaction be perceived and how will that in turn reflect on your company's reputation?

Step 2: Ask employees what matters to them
While your company's culture and employer brand are important for determining the best ways to design appreciation efforts, the most important factors are your employees' opinions.
While it may come as no surprise that the majority of employees surveyed in the  Glassdoor study say pay raises are the number one way to make them feel appreciated at work, other types of valued forms of appreciation included unexpected treats and rewards, involvement in decision-making, company-wide recognition, telecommuting options, opportunities to do interesting work, and company sponsored social events.
The bottom line is to ask your employees what types of opportunities or perks would do the trick - ask them in person, via social channels or through employee surveys. The best methods of showing appreciation to employees vary depending on each company's culture and the promise of its employer brand.

Step 3: Track progress and keep records
If you commit to showing employees appreciation, don't do it blindly. Keep tabs on when appreciation is shown, to whom and how much. 
Like any other initiative, properly showing appreciation requires planning, organizing and tracking. But don't make it too difficult - remember, your goal is to simply say "thank you" and hopefully more than once.
And don't forget to keep checking in with employees. Is the feedback they're giving show that they are feeling more appreciated? If so, your reputation will improve and a host of benefits will follow that can be seen and felt from both a recruiting and retention perspective.

To read the article online, please visit:  Employee Appreciation: The Priceless Impact on Workplace Reputation
Modernization of the Community Futures Program of Canada

The Community Futures Network of Canada is seeking community support to ensure that our recommendations are adopted by the federal government without further delay.

Help the Community Futures Network of Canada by  signing the petition to show community support of the renewal and modernization of the 
Community Futures Program. 

February Seminars 

Small Business BC is hosting several interesting seminars for the month of February that are available to view through webinars. 
A few seminars of note:  

Start Smart Series - Feb. 21 - $49

For a complete list of available seminars please visit:

By signing up to participate in a seminar via webinar, you will receive a link once the webinar is complete to replay the webinar. The link remains live for one week after the seminar. This means you do not have to watch the entire seminar at one time and can replay any parts that you would like to listen to again. 
BC Wildfire Relief 
Canadian Red Cross 

Support to Small Businesses, Not-for-Profit Organizations and First Nations Cultural Livelihoods
The Canadian Red Cross is committed to supporting small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and  First Nations cultural livelihoods   that were impacted by the 2017 British Columbia wildfires. Experience has shown us this assistance greatly helps people and communities recover from a disaster.

For more information or to apply on line please follow the link:

To directly access the application for small businesses, please follow the link:

Support For Small Businesses
Wildfire Recovery Support Program 

In response to the 2017 wildfires in the Cariboo Chilcotin and Thompson Nicola regions of the Province, the Wildfire Recovery Support Program (WRSP) has been launched. In a coordinated effort, it is being delivered throughout the region by three Community Futures offices based in, Williams Lake, Quesnel and Ashcroft.  Each office will cover it's local and regional mandated area.  

Please follow the link below to access the full overview:
Any feedback, information or event contributions that you would like to see in our next newsletter please contact:  Alexis Forseille


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