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Community Newsletter, November 2016
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Positive Behavior Supports Academic Focus at Newport-Mesa Unified School District

It is likely that since the inception of the American education system teachers have grappled with the best ways to teach citizenship, good behavior and positive decision making. In the 1850s educators began to formally accept their role in loco parentis - in the place of a parent - and public schools across the country moved beyond just preparing students for factory and agricultural work, and started looking at the development of the whole student in what became known as a holistic educational approach.

Today it is generally accepted that teachers have an obligation to promote positive behavior, build the character and enhance the decision quality of all students. While there are many ways to do this, for the past two years the Newport Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) has chosen to implement Positive Behavior and Intervention Systems (PBIS) to develop a school culture that leads to the social, emotional and academic success of all students.

Knowing that there is no simple solution to remove barriers that occur when behaviors disrupt a learning community, PBIS focuses on creating and sustaining systems of support that engage elements of a student's personal pursuits, health, social, family, work and recreational activities. The philosophy is to use a multi-level approach that is offered to all schools, with increasing interventions being applied as behaviors escalate or lower level interventions do not to bring about proper conduct. The PBIS Initiative in NMUSD involves all 32 schools, with each school submitting to a three-year training cycle. While the District has a goal of full PBIS implementation by 2020, the initiative has been extremely well received at the sites and all schools could be done with their three-year training cycle a year earlier, in 2019.

While it is common for people to assume that students should just know what they are supposed to do and that good behavior should be an expectation, all students face some sort of challenge in their lives and they need the proper modeling, reinforcement of positive social behavior, and guidance toward appropriate responses to adversity to be successful both in and out of the classroom. PBIS strives to support the social competence, academic achievement and expected behaviors of all students. The results of PBIS implementation in NMUSD have done just that.

An analysis of discipline data in the District, since PBIS implementation, has shown significant decreases in discipline issues, office referrals and classroom disturbances across all grade levels. For example, an analysis of discipline data showed that one year after PBIS was implemented there was a 25 percent decrease in elementary grade discipline referrals and a ten percent decrease in secondary grade discipline referrals. Students who are taken out of class due to office referrals lose instructional time. However, the lower referrals result in schools avoided losing the equivalent of 242 instructional hours at the elementary level and 1,164 hours at the secondary level.

The holistic development of every child will continue to be a priority for educational administrators and classroom teachers. With systems like PBIS school campuses are becoming much more inviting, accepting and structured in their approach to student behavior. Not only does this help students achieve at the highest levels of their ability, it helps teachers do their job in loco parentis.

NMUSD By the Numbers - Information Technology

Since the start of the school, year the Information Technology Department has:

  • Replaced 600 staff desktops
  • Replaced 220 staff laptops
  • Replaced 1,200 student computers
  • Replaced and/or provided more than 100 printers
  • Replaced and/or provided dozens of document cameras
  • Replaced and/or provided more than 3,000 Chromebooks
  • Completed more than 16,000 IT support tickets.
Down the Road...Graduation Schedule
June 1, 2017
Early College High School
Location: Orange Coast College- Robert Moore Theatre
Time: 3:30 pm
June 22, 2017
Back Bay/ Monte Vista High School
Location: Estancia High School - Gym
Time: 10 am
Costa Mesa High School (CMHS)
Location: CMHS - Mustangs Field
Time: 3 pm
Estancia High School
Location: Estancia High School - Jim Scott Stadium
Time: 3 pm
Newport Harbor High School (NHHS)
Location: NHHS - Davidson Field
Time: 4 pm
Corona del Mar High School
Location: CdMHS - Track in-field
Time: 5:30 pm

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