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GVCC 2004
The Golden Valley Community Club was chartered in 1952. We traditionally meet on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 in the evening. Meetings usually dismiss before 9:00. This is generally a potluck dinner meeting. The first time you come please, come as our guest. The second time you come you come as a member, bring a dish and a dollar.


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GVCC Dec Meeting

Chivous  GVCC Christmas Meeting at First Broad Church

 Donna Petty Officiates at the Christmas Party


Donna Petty leads the group in a round robin Christmas tale in the Fellowship Hall.



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As we welcome 2012 and keep a watchful eye on the  candidates Golden Valley's native son, Mickey Brackett shares a story involving an election, pick up trucks, a late night ride with firecrackers, and kaboom... dynamite.  Join me in welcoming Mickey to the Golden Valley Blog with his short story, link below. 


Randy introduced disk golf.January 16, the Golden Valley Community Club met at Becky's Country Store and Grill. About 15 of us had dinner. Randy Neyer was our impromptu speaker who introduced us to  "Disk Golf" and told us about a nearby18 hole course at South Mountain Christian Camp . This is open to the public and costs $2.00 for a round.



Toney's Store closed in December and Jean's Golden Valley Country Store Closed in January. Meanwhile, Shawn and April are putting in a grill at Freeman's Store and Mike Smith has opened the B-B-Q & Diner at the Golden Valley Music Park. On Friday, January 20, Mike will begin serving fish. Join the Golden Valley Community Club on the third Tuesday in February for dinner at Mike's. But why wait? 447-6951 for hours.

 Mike's Menu


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Community Announcements:  Reports and more below. 


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Karen McCall, 828-245-3886 












An American Story

  ElizabethWhat do Golden Valley, an election, and dynamite have in common? Why it's politics, Golden Valley style, of course. Join me in welcoming Guest Author Mickey Bracket with his political reminiscence: Golden Valley Parade and Dynamite 

AnnouncementsCommunity Announcements:
Cherry Mountain Fire Department auxiliary reports that the department answered 246 fire/medical calls last year. 
Camp McCall  Ronnie Walker, Camp Director The camp will remain open all winter for groups. Call 828 245-1300 for reservations.



The Community Outreach, 828 245-5603 at Washburn is open on Friday and Saturday. Director Angie Leek reminds us The Washburn Community Outreach Center is serving 3 school backpack programs - Ellenboro, Sunshine and East Middle School. Volunteers stuff backpacks for school children to take home over the weekend.  See what to donate: Feed Our Children 

The center has a donation box on site. Store hours are 9 - 2 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

If you have a few hours available you can volunteer, just putting clothes on hangers is a help. There's always something to do. 



Fairview Mountain Ministries Ron Gurley: 

If you have never been up to visit with us, give me a call to set up a tour and see just what we have on top of the mountain and how your church can use us for your retreats. 245-0410


Visit our web site anytime. Fairfield Mountain Ministries ________________________________________________________


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