PAR Mail 2018-127| July 3, 2018
Community Participation, EVV Updates, and more at PAR's June 16 2380/2390 Meeting

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On Tuesday, June 26, over 80 PAR members gathered at the Harrisburg Hilton to discuss issued faced by providers of 2380 and 2390 services in Pennsylvania both with peers and with the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) Director of the Bureau of Quality and Policy Kristin Ahrens, Employment Director and Human Services Program Specialist Kelly Arnold, and Policy Specialist and CPS Lead Tom Flynn.
To continue the series of panels on success stories with Community Participation Supports (CPS), attendees heard from Bill Miller (President and CEO of Martha Lloyd Community Services) from the Northeast Region, Jen Skelly (Director of PA Services, Penn-Mar Human Services) and Vanessa Whitman (PA Community Day Services, Penn-Mar Human Services) from the Central Region, and Laura Parisi (Director of Community Participation, SPIN) from the Southeast Region. Attendees enjoyed a robust discussion on a range of topics from transportation issues, questions regarding CPS Exemptions, the calculation of the 25%, and ideas for community participation activities that are free.
Shirley Walker, President and CEO of PAR, informed workgroup members that PAR is asking each PAR workgroup to provide feedback regarding how they can help prevent abuse and help build healthy relationships. Attendees were asked to provide feedback via a survey sent out after the meeting. If you have any feedback on this issue please email
In response to questions regarding Electronic Visit Verification, Kristin Ahrens shared a powerpoint that was presented to the MAAC with updates on state level. This powerpoint was also made available in PAR Mail 2018-121. Shirley encouraged workgroup members to send a letter through ANCOR's call to action to ask our Pennsylvania Senators (Casey and Toomey) to support legislation recently passed by the US House of Representatives to delay EVV implementation by one year (see PAR Mail 2018-121 for more information).
Kristin Ahrens presented a powerpoint in response to workgroup questions that had been submitted ahead of time, including updates on CPS Training and CPS utilization, outcomes of the recent Home and Community Based Services Self-Assessment, a discussion on planning and coordination as a compensable service, the calculation for the 25% CPS, and a discussion on issues providers are having regarding transportation. Kristin reminded attendees that providers can bill for taking individuals out into the community in groups of more than 3. However, it would be billed at the facility rate rather than at the modified Community Participation rate.

Kelly Arnold encouraged providers to listen to the recordings of the Pennsylvania Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Program (EFSLMP) Community of Practice Webinar Series, which can be accessed here . She noted that a series focused on rural providers will be uploaded shortly. Additionally, she encouraged providers to register for the last two webinars .
Kristin introduced ODP Policy Specialist Tom Flynn as the new CPS Lead for ODP ( and encouraged providers to contact their regional leads with issues or questions related to community participation. Regional Leads (first noted in PAR Mail 2018-062 ) are:
Rural Providers spoke with Kristin to continue to share issues they are having with providing CPS. Kristin noted that the conversations are very helpful and encouraged providers to continue to give feedback.

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