November 2015
Community Partner Times
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Recent Changes
We're very excited to announce a new addition to our leadership -  Veta Jeffery is the new Co-Chair of the St. Louis Regional Unbanked Task Force and Bank-On Save-Up St. Louis.  She now joins Alex Fennoy of Midwest BankCentre to continue the great work that Alex and Jackie Hutchinson of Peoples Community Action Agency started.
Economic Impact - Measuring Our Collective Success
Bank-On Save-Up St. Louis is proud to report 4,025 account openings!  We have a 93% retention rate - 13% higher than the national average.  We have made a $4.83 million dollar impact (this is calculated by the number of accounts multiplied by the $1200 individuals would otherwise be spending on fringe financial services).  To preview the full report click here.  

The work of the St. Louis Equal Housing & Community Reinvestment Alliance (SLECRA) over the past seven years has resulted in the banking industry in St. Louis has increased focus on community reinvestment and how to serve the needs of underserved communities.  Some of the highlights include the development of 50 new products that provide access to unbanked or under-banked households and 10 banks hired 26 Community Development Officers, resulting in an 86% increase in low income borrowers and an almost 200% increase in African American borrowers.  To download the full report click here.
Our Strategic Plan - Vision for the Future
The mission of the St. Louis Regional Unbanked Task Force is to create long-term financial stability by removing barriers to banking and promoting wealth building among unbanked and under-banked households. 
Our Strategic Plan has four components:  Partner Engagement & Expansion; Financial Stability; Marketing & Communications; and Organizational Restructuring.  Read the full plan here and see how you play a part in our expansion for the future. 

Become a Partner Today
Why become a Community Partner?  Access to traditional financial products creates wealth in the community and a path to lower cost services at mainstream financial institutions.  Further individuals who have positive relationships at mainstream banks and credit unions build life-long financial relationships that empower them to seek access to other services for home ownership, entrepreneurship or retirement savings.  Safe, convenient access to quality, affordable financial products helps communities across the St. Louis Metro area enter the financial mainstream and invest in a brighter, more economically viable future for themselves, their families and their overall community.

Click here to see if you are already a partner.  If you are not on this list, don't worry, becoming a partner is easy, send us an email (          requesting a community partner application. 
Get Involved - Join a Committee
This work doesn't happen without YOU.  Please join one of our working committees so your voice can be heard.  After you have signed up for a committee you will be contacted by your Co-Chairs with a meeting date, place and time. 

Welcome NEW Committee Members:
* Sherri Nicholson, Urban Strategies, Inc. (Co-Chair of Programs & Events)
* Carla Reid, Urban Strategies, Inc. (Program & Events)
* LaKeysha Fields, Salvation Army (Faith Based Connections)
* Phillip Sangokoya, PNC Bank (Partnership Development)
* Yusuf Haqq, Urban Development Corporation (Marketing & Partnership Development)
* Mattie Moore, St. Louis County (Programs & Events)
* Autumn Anthony, Radio One (Marketing, Programs & Events & Youth Outreach)