In the second of three financial updates promised this year the Presiding Bishopric expresses its gratitude to church members for their generosity.
On June 19, the Presiding Bishopric provided members with a financial update.
In the second of three financial updates promised this year the Presiding Bishopric expresses its gratitude to church members for their generosity. The Bishopric shares details about the church's current economic situation and decisions that were made at the June meeting of the World Church Finance Board.

The new budget, a  video, and a question-and-answer document also are available.

The Gateway USA Mission Center Finance Team has highlighted some of the key portions of the report below. Please contact Mission Center Finance Officer, Amy Hoerchler, with any questions or concerns. 

Financial Update

  • Fiscal Year 2018 Worldwide Mission Budget was approved for nearly $18.7 million.
  • Preliminary analysis indicates additional reductions in net assets will occur between June 30, 2016 and June 30, 2017.
  • Three income areas are projected to be below budget for fiscal year 2017:  Worldwide Mission Tithes ($1.1 million), undesignated bequests, and other income.
  • The World Church received an unqualified opinion regarding the audit.  This means the independent auditor indicated the consolidate World Church and Graceland University financial statements were presented fairly, in all material respects, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
Glimpse of Gateway's Contributions
  • Gateway's 2017 Worldwide Mission Tithes goal is $461,730.  This is equal to Gateway's contributions in 2016.
  • Gateway's Worldwide Mission Tithes contributions are 46% less in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the first quarter of 2016.
  • Gateway's overall contributions are down 21% from first quarter 2016 to first quarter 2017.
  • In the first quarter of 2017, Gateway's contributions were 43% to Worldwide Mission Tithes and 57% Local Mission Tithes.
  • Worldwide Mission Tithes are the primary source of income for the World Church budget.  Learn ways to give at
While contributions through May continue to lag behind estimates, we know that as a community of generous disciples, we are capable of giving at remarkable levels as demonstrated in 2016.

Church leaders are asking all members, friends, and jurisdictions to consider matching their  giving to last year. Supporting Worldwide Mission Tithes in this way will allow the church to sustain critical ministries and programs. Heading into the busy summer months, may we find time to reflect on our financial response to God's generous gifts in our lives.   

Mission tithes make ministry possible around the world, drawing many to the loving Community of Christ. Richard Betts, Generosity Team leader, explains "Why I Give" in his mission story . Find more about giving at .
Major concerns are Worldwide Mission Tithes meeting budget and successfully selling items to support the Bridge of Hope Project.

In the meantime, the Presiding Bishopric continues to work "The Way Forward" plan.  Here's an update on the five items in the plan: 

1.  Two risk factors in the approved Worldwide Mission Budget are the level of undesignated bequests available and the continued support and growth of Worldwide Mission Tithes.  If income is not received as planned, expenses will have to be reduced through a management budget.

2.  The 2018 budget continues the level of ministries and services provided in the fiscal year 2017 Worldwide Mission Budget. It does not include expansion of the church into new areas or countries.

3.  The prospect of selling historic assets and other properties in the USA and around the world continues to be evaluated. Net proceeds will be used to fund the Bridge of Hope project.

4.  The Presiding Bishopric is signaling that trends for calendar year 2017 are concerning and will require corrective actions if they do not change.  Church members, congregations, and mission centers are being asked to respond as they are able to continue to support Worldwide Mission Tithes.  Additionally, the church's response to share from its abundance to Bridge of Hope Tithes is funding the church's annual retirement responsibility and discharging debts.

5.  Resources are being created to support priesthood and leaders in developing disciples who understand faithful tithing as part of the six principles of a Disciples Generous Response.  More information will be provided as work progresses.
The Bridge of Hope Project is the plan for funding retirement responsibility and building up endowments.  Three funding sources are being pursued to support the Bridge of Hope Project.

1.  Sale of historic assets and other properties in the USA and around the world that are considered to have less impact on the church's mission.
2.  Asking congregations, mission centers, and other groups with investments to make a one-time or recurring contribution to Bridge of Hope.
3.  Asking those who contributed or pledged funds to the Worldwide Mission Endowment to redesignate their gifts to Bridge of Hope Tithes and inviting others to give from their abundance or through bequests to Bridge of Hope Tithes.
Saying Yes to Love and Hope, No to Fear and Doubt

When the World Church Finance Board arrived for its June meeting at the Temple in Independence, Missouri, USA, members encountered more than 50 financial reports, numerous concerns, and multiple warnings about disturbing trends.

When the board left, it had a Worldwide Mission Budget of nearly $18.7 million for  fiscal year 2018...and abundant hope. Read more  here.