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Over 200 Questions



CompTIA Security+


Over 275 Questions



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  • CompTIA Official Courseware
  • Integrated Professor Messer Videos
  • Unlimited Exam Practice with immediate feedback


gtslearning's Freestyle Exam Practice is a unique browser-based exam preparation tool, preparing you for CompTIA A+, Network+ or Security+ certifications. Freestyle Exam Practice includes:

  • Full-featured practice test that matches the actual CompTIA exam
  • Built-in links to CompTIA Official learning materials
  • Integrated Professor Messer video training
  • 12 months, unlimited access


Freestyle from gtslearning
Freestyle from gtslearning


Winning features:
  • Each test has the same number of questions and time limit as the real CompTIA exam
  • Test questions are selected at random each time you take it
  • Questions are weighted exactly as the CompTIA exam objectives
  • You can flag a question for later review, exactly as per the real exam
  • At the end of the test, a summary enables you to go back and review questions you may have skipped or flagged
  • A summary report links any questions you get wrong with the appropriate section of the CompTIA Official learning materials and training videos, enabling you to immediately revise any weaknesses

You can retake the test as often as you wish: when you're confident that you are passing every time, you are ready for the real thing!


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