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May, 2016 - In This Issue:
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Supplier Diversity EXPO & Membership Meeting?

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May 25, 2016

Effective Offshore/Nearshore Management & Communication
June 9, 2016
June 10, 2016   

ISM-New York would like to congratulate our members on their most recent accomplishments:

Todd Steingart, Federal Reserve 
Bank of New York

The Commodity Corner 
is provided as a guide to supply chain managers in need of historic commodity pricing information, trends, forecasts, and help developing insights regarding materials pricing.
Commodities will be updated each calendar quarter, or as the specific need arises. We hope you find this information useful and we are open to suggestions and questions to make this more relevant to your needs.


Nancy Murray
Where has the time gone?  It is May and we are coming to the end of the ISM-New York program year. As we all know, the only constant in our professional lives is change.  We have seen technology play a key role in how ISM-New York brings education and programming to its members.   We have seen the formation of new sourcing groups based on your feedback such as Health Care Industry and Consumer Product/ Goods & Retail.  We have also seen sourcing groups that had been disbanded a few years ago come back like Facilities Management.  This shows that our membership is evolving and changing.

I encourage you to contact the sourcing group chairs, drop in on a meeting that interests you and get involved.  Check out the upcoming meetings posted here to the left and register.   While one of those meetings or any of our sourcing group meetings may not be in your current field of expertise, but you never know!   Things do change!

Nancy Murray
2016 Annual Meeting's Highlights 


The 53rd  J.H. Leonard Award
Recipient - Ines Eden
Supplier Diversity Coordinator for New York University Division of Operations &  Education Co-Chair of the Supplier Diversity Committee of ISM-New York

2016 Outstanding Supplier Diversity Award 
Interpublic Group of Companies 
Accepting the Award - Floyd Conway,
Supplier Diversity Director

2016 Outstanding Sponsor Award 
Pfizer Inc.
Accepting the Award -  Alicia Scales, Manager - Supplier Diversity, Pfizer Global Procurement and  David Pixley, Manager -Professional Development Global Procurement

2016 Outstanding Membership Support Award 
Federal Reserve Bank of New York 
Accepting the Award - Jerilyn Gibbs,
Assistant Contract Manager

2016 Outstanding Company of the Year Award
New York University 

2016 Davis - Kassa Scholarship 
Recipient - JaVaughn Williams,  Howard University
ISM - New York Member and Parent  - Jerilyn Gibbs,
Federal Reserve Bank of New York

2016 Outstanding Volunteer Service Awards

Recipient - Jonathan Basile
Report on Business Chair and Head of Business Cycle Research at AIG, Global Economics 

Recipient - Andrea Sotomayor  
Supplier Diversity and Sustainable Sourcing,  National Grid and  Supplier Diversity Committee Education Co-Chair
Board Service Awards 

Keith I. Hines
Director of National Affairs
and  Director Procurement at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Nancy Murray  
President and  Vice President and Director of Sourcing
and Procurement at IMG 

Special Thanks To Our May Membership Meeting Host

ISM-New York

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