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Hello All,

I just sent this out on FB.  I could not wait til the end of the month to send this out.  Please PLASTER THIS ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!  WE need to COPY CAT THIS ACTION!!!  I don't speak the language so I hope I'm not wrong, but something tells me I'm not...

Gosh, I simply do not speak this language, but it sure looks like a smart meter revolt to me!!  :))  THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE PEOPLE!!!  Even the soldiers and police were shaking hands over this!!  I say we pull a copy cat and do this all over the world!!!  We should get just as many people as they had or more if you live in the US since this is the belly of the police state and military beast.  Would be ultra great if they would be as friendly to this mass revolt as this country's military and police were!!  WOW, Maybe there is hope after all?

Total Smart Meter Revolt!

Can we PLEASE Copy Cat this action!!  We just need to get massive aunts of brave souls like these people and just stick together and DO IT!!!  This needs to spread like wildfire across the country and world!!!  Please contact me if you live in LA and would like to do this en mass. 

Many thanks to from Patricia Burke for passing this along to me and making my day!!