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Okay. Here it is. The 2nd installment of our email o' plenty. First, thank you to all who sent us comments to let us know what you liked and didn't like. Be assured our web people are working feverishly to fix the website issues that y'all uncovered. They wanted me to thank you in advance for your patience. (That's code for they're not all fixed yet, but we're on it!) Thanks also to all those who subscribed to our print magazines! (Subtle Hint) So, once again, here is another hand-picked collection of cool reads, just for you.

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Compter Controlled

Build an "external combustion engine," then add a computer control system to maximize efficiency and performance. Easily reproduced by any experimenter with average mechanical skills; the controller is an easy breadboard; and - best of all - it's cheap and green!

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Test Bench Variac

Since deluxe versions of variacs can run $500 and up, many hobbyists cannot afford or justify buying a new one. But rather than do without, try building this high grade, DIY alternative to a commercial unit that should fit any budget.

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4th of July Fireworks earrings

The December 2014 Christmas earrings project received tons of requests for more styles. Since the Fourth of July is just around the corner, it's the perfect time to introduce some new designs for other holidays and occasions.

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AVR C Programming - Cylon Eyes

AVR C Programming Workshop Series - Part 2  

Your First AVR Program - C'ing With Cylon Eyes.

This time, we'll write and compile our first C program using our AVR Learning Platform. This is not going to be the standard wimpy 'Hello World!" of yore, but a zippy software/hardware combination where we create some Cylon eyes.

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Bipolar Transistor Cookbook - Digital amplifier ircuits
This time, we have a variety of practical common-collector amplifier circuits. Part 2 of 8


The common-collector amplifier (also known as the grounded-collector amplifier, emitter-follower, or voltage follower) can be used in a wide variety of digital and analog amplifier and constant-current generator applications. We'll start off by looking at practical "digital" amplifier circuits.  


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