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  December 19, 2016

Houston City Council Member Greg Travis

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To our friends and neighbors in District G:
Council Member Greg Travis Utilizes Council District Service Fund for Concrete Panel Replacements on Kirkwood Road

Council Member Greg Travis is pleased to announced that the concrete panel replacement project on Kirkwood Road is finally underway.  He utilized nearly $300,000 of his FY2016 Council District Service Fund (CDSF) for this project.

The project covers minor roadway repairs in the 11500 block of Riverview and in the 1500 block of Kirkwood Road @ Lakeside Place (removal and replacement of 8"-10" concrete slab, 6" base and 6" curbs).  Much more substantial concrete panel replacement will be conducted in the 1700-1900 blocks of Kirkwood Road (removal and replacement of 8"-10" slab, 6" base and 6" curb, saw cut in the northbound esplanade and gutter lanes, and replacement of nearly 11,500 cubic feet of concrete).  T he rehabilitations will also include utilization of approximately 2" of lift and stabilization using the Uretek Method, also known as polymer injection, in areas of excessive panel lift, subsidence, or separation. This is the first time this new road rehabilitation technique will be used in Houston; it has been successful in several other cities. Just over 3,000 cubic feet of this new material will be injected under the roadway in the range of 1936-2022 Kirkwood Road to bring the separated panels back into grade and alignment.
"When I first took office, I made fixing Kirkwood Road a high priority.  Everyone who drives this road knows just how horrible it is, and I'm glad the work is finally underway," says Travis.  "While Kirkwood is slated for a major two-phase complete reconstruction, this work will not begin for a number of years.  My constituents just cannot wait that long for some relief.  That's why I dedicated nearly $300,000 of my CDSF toward this rehabilitation project."

Council Member Travis would like to thank the Public Works & Engineering Department, especially Eric Dargan, Deputy Director of the Street and Drainage Division, and Diane Lowery-Binnie for their assistance with this project.