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Hello All,

Lots of news here...sorry I skipped a week, was bogged down in some very smart, cell stuff ;)
Also, I may have gotten carried away, it's a lot, but I was compelled to show it to you.  Please watch or read it if you can or pass it on or both!!

Conference call this Tues. at 12 noon nuclear time - I mean Pacific time, 3:00 Eastern with Sheriff Deb!!!  For once we have the law on OUR side!!!  Sheriff Deb will tell us what a CAFR is, why it is so important and how to use it to your advantage.  She will also tell us about the Consumer Protection Act of our states in regards to this smart party and criminal culpability with our PUCs and other officials.  Please email me for call in # if you don't already have it.

Smart Meters - Too Smart For Their Own Good
Smart Spying
Cell Phone Signals
Microchipping Fido
EMF Stuff
1984 For Reals
Breaking the Law Legally
A Small Bit of Justice
Fukushima - The Nightmare Lives On
Toxic Legacies
Energy End Game
Our End Game
Food Issues
Dead and Gone
Odds and Ends
Fun Stuff
Animal Amazingness

Smart Meters - Too Smart For Their Own Good

Tracking Grandma via smart meter "attachment"

I think this has to do with them not wanting to be spied on and saving money, but all that matters is...
Walmart and Other Business Giants UNPLUGGING From Unreliable Power Grid!

Smart Home Box Could Capture Community Behavior

Dr. Laura Pressley On Smart Meters Interviewed by Alex Jones

Smart Meter Fire Errupts in House

70 Smart Meters Explode in Power Surge

Is the Smart Meter Roll Out Doomed?

House Burns Down - Smart Meter Thought to Be the Blame

Texas Can Soon Dump Smart Meters, But For A Price of CourseDirty Energy Companies CONTINUALLY Trying to Undermine Solar Efforts

Smart Spying

Las Vegas Installs "Intellistreets" Light Fixtures Capable of Recording Conversations

Seattle Spy Grid Turned Off After Infowars Report

RT briefly Covers Seattle White Boxes at 16.10 into this report, but you should watch the beginning...they say Arraffat was POISONED - he did not just die, that he was murdered.  This was never reported on here in the US mainstream media...don't you think that's pretty big news?  Why were we never told that?

CTIA "Hide In Plane Sight" RF Transparent, RF Antennae Concealment From Public Detection and Other Harsh Environments

China Spying Through Your Kettle and Other WIFI Malware Kitchen Items (If China can do it, guess who else can.)

Cell Phone Signals

Researcher Establishes Archive for Cell Phone Industry Whistle Blowers

Cell Phone Crazy

Microchipping Fido

Paper Shows Microchipping Animals causes Cancer

Dogs Contract Cancer After Microchipping

Verichip Protestors

EMF Stuff

Chapter 19 Radionics Pesticides, p. 339, hardbound edition

"Isolating the ears (of corn) so that the worms could not escape, Hieronymus began to treat them with his radionic broadcaster. He states that, after three days of treatment for ten minutes per hour round the clock, two of the corn worms were reduced to mush but the third was still wobblily intact. Another twenty four hours of the same treatment and the stubborn worm was also mush. All that remained of the others was just "wet places" on the corn ears.

Hieronymus was so stunned by the lethal potential of the tuned radiation that he resolved never to reveal everything about the makeup of his devices or their operation until he could one day find serious researchers of impeccable character to help him elucidate the exact potentials of his discoveries."

Migraine Headaches At an All Time High

EMFs Effect on Melatonin

EMF and Thyroid Cancer

New IPad With 2 Antennas, More Radiation for Kids!

Huge and Excellent Document By Dr. Jack Kruse 
What Are the Biological Effects of EMF?

Dr. Cyril Smith - What are Electrical Sensitivities?

Grounding and Health

France Creates First Official "Radio Quiet" Zone for Electrosensitive People   Google Translate

New Invention Harvests Electricity Out of the Air From Background Radiation

Seattle Police Can Now Track ALL WIFI Enabled Devices

"Recent reports found Google makes around $100 million a day by selling Google Ads to businesses online."
Google to Follow Shoppers Both Online and in the Street

Military, Government and Monsantos Use of Weather Modification As Environmental Warfare Via Chemtrails/Geoengineering

The lengths corporations, governments and the US Air Force are going to create false online acceptance for destructive policies hits new low with "Astroturfing"... 
Sophisticated Software Known as "Astroturf" Mimics Fake Grass Roots Campaigns to Create False Impressions that Large Groups of People are in Favor of Unfavorable Government and Industry Policies and Drown Out Real Peoples Voices on the Internet

Police took away all computers in the house of Rosario and Antonio Marcian´┐Ż, the famous italian chemtrails activist. They can no more communicate via web to expose the aereosol crimes. Please inform all the european activists  
Police Break Into This Italian ChemTrail Activists Home, Seize Computer

Brief but Fascinating Interview with Former Chief Medical Office of Finland

NSA Spying Doing What King George Did to Colonial Americans That Caused A Revolutionary War Against Himself

Fukushima -  The Nightmare Lives On

Dr. Helen Caldicott on Fukushima

Dr. Stephen Hosea on Fukushima

Paul Gunter on Fukushima 

Borated Rubber Between Rods Is Gone, Rods Can Explode if They Collide

Damaged Fuel Rods Are Cracked and Leaking Radioactive Gas Into Unit 4 Pool - The Yakuza were called in to deal with this disaster.  Nice to know the world is in such capable hands.  The above mishap was due to mishandling during transfer.

Fukushima Fruit Shunned in Japan Shipped for Sale in Other Countries

Our End Game

Warming Report See a Violent, Sicker, Poorer Future

By 2100 We'll be Living in a World of Garbage

Food Issues

India's fruit causes brain, kidney and skin damage and of course, cancer...
High Court Rejects Delhi Government Report on Toxic, Pesticide Laden Fruits and Vegetables

Please Sign...
Petition to FDA Don' Destroy Our Organic Food!

Hundreds of Sea Turtles Wash Up Dead on the Shore in Central America

Odds and Ends

Fun Stuff
This from The National Report - a spoof news website, with some very real concerns...
"Chippie" the Childrens RFID Chip Mascot Tours US Schools

Obama Campaign Contribution Ad

Animal Amazingness

Special Thanks For Articles From:  Environmental Health News, Common Dreams, The Microwave Factor, Info Wars, Marilynne Martin, Deborah Taveris, Mark G, Maureen Homan, Iris Atzmon, John Wenger, Paul Doyon, Pati Tomsits, Deborah Rubin, Jeremy Johnson