(1) A computer model of the petals dictates the desired form shapes to a router. (2) The router mills blocks of foam to the precise specifications. (3) Fiberglass mesh and resin are applied to the form. Balsa wood sheets sandwiched between the fiberglass and resin strengthen the formwork. (4) The forms are reinforced with steel trusses and sanded for final touches. (5) The three panels are assembled in shop by aligning built-in aluminum tabs that are fastened together. (6) Petal formwork panels are disassembled and loaded for transport to the site. Panel formwork completed by Kreysler & Associates.
Parametric Design
The park’s primary pavilion is constructed of large concrete forms thoughtfully conjoined to create a geometry that collects and funnels rainwater. Parametric model logic generated each petal from different triangular bases, refining the shape in relation to waterflow direction, directional views, skylight placement and seamline placement.
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