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In dealing with issues of modern antisemitism, the Jewish community has learned a great deal. We have learned that antisemitism, although it may periodically lay low, never truly goes away.

More importantly, we have learned to use our voice.


Never again will the Jewish community be cowed by those who hate us. Instead, we will speak with a strong and united voice to loudly proclaim "NO" to hatred and intolerance. We will act to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and not permit Holocaust deniers to degrade the truth of the Shoah. 


The antisemites have begun to come out of hiding. Now is the time to raise our voices in unison and say no.
Never Again.


Join FSWC's
Silence is NOT Golden
campaign today.
Any amount you give will add your name to the list of voices in our community proclaiming "No" to hatred and "Yes" to a more tolerant and inclusive Canada. 


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Together we can make the world a better place 


Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center        


Silence is NOT Golden Campaign 

 Confronting the rise of antisemitism in Canada and the defamation & delegitimization of Israel


It's getting harder to ignore the headlines in the news. 

As antisemitic activity, whether in the guise of
anti-Zionism or just plain Jew hatred becomes more prevalent, especially on university campuses, we have to realize the unthinkable is becoming more and more commonplace. From union support for anti-Israel flotillas to antisemitic speakers at universities and public spaces across the country, the time has come to admit the hard truth: antisemitism in Canada is once again rearing its ugly head.


Silence is NOT Golden Campaing


What can be done to fight this ancient hatred?


At FSWC it is our intention to lead the fight against antisemitism by registering everyone who is as concerned as we are about the rise of this insidious evil for our Silence is NOT Golden campaign. Now more than ever it's important to speak with a united voice and to show the strength, commitment and moral authority of those who stand against hatred. Together we will be a force to be reckoned with in the fight for the future of Israel and against antisemitism, hate and intolerance.




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