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April 29, 2012 

Congratulations Health Care Hero

Betty Gamel 
Betty was on the original Executive Board and continued to serve for more than 13 years.  She was our Spiritual Nurse for many years and presently serves on the Advisory Council.  

 Nurse's Excellence in Healthcare

Betty Gamel, ARNP, Director, Senior Friendship Centers Friendship Health Clinic

Cindi Ryerson 
Cindy has been active for many years serving on the Education Committee and helping develop Day Care services for our members.

Innovation in Healthcare 

Cindi Ryerson, RN, Owner, Millennium Cognitive Cafe

Free Webinar Opportunity:

The Science and Practice of
Speech, physical, and occupational therapy for
Parkinson disease

In this 1-hour Webinar, LSVT Expert Clinicians will:
1) Briefly explain recent advances in research impacting rehabilitation efforts for individuals with PD
2) Discuss the development and data of speech treatment LSVT LOUD
3) Describe the development and key aspects of limb motor treatment LSVT BIG
4) Briefly discuss the innovative LSVT HYBRID™
 approach (simultaneous delivery of LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG)
5) Highlight future directions for technology to enhance accessibility of treatment for all individuals with PD.

To attend, click here
Voice Aerobics

We will be holding a class using Mary Spremulli's materials starting at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 8th. Open to all PASFI members, this class will last for less than one hour and serve as a refresher for those persons who have taken a formal Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSCT) class. Call for more information. RSVP's appreciated- 417-3465. 

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A Message to Marlene Huff 

Jean Wegner


A Reflection About Our Thursday Morning Support Group Leader


from Jean Wegner

April 24, 2012




She is sitting there in her usual place
With a smile that lights up her beautiful face.

It's from this face that radiates joy and concern,
It's from her we have so much to learn.

Some of the most serious symptoms she has had to bear,
So with kindness and sympathy she will share.

She knows body tremors can take life away,
And how it takes courage to get through the day.

Surgically implanted stimulators have keep tremors at bay,
"It gave my life back" is what she would say.

She listens to each of us when it is our time to share,
And in sharing, each of bond with all the others there.

There is no cure for our disease she would say,
So enjoy and live fully all of each day.

Oh, the lives she has touched- the people she has seen,
The hurts she has healed- May God bless you, Marlene!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   

Recent Articles of Interest 

Roundup herbicide linked to Parkinson's-related brain damage

"Monsanto's controversial herbicide, Roundup, has now been linked to Parkinsonism related disorders according to research reported in the Neurotoxicology & Teratology journal.

This month a new and alarming study has been published in the journal Neurotoxicology and Teratology which supports the emerging connection between glyphosate, Roundup's active ingredient, and the emergence of neurodegenerative conditions including Parkinson's disease and Parkinsonian disorders.

Glyphosate exposure is now significant, with 88,000 tons used in the U.S.A. in 2007 alone. Add to this the likely billions of pounds used worldwide, this is now a serious matter indeed. There is accumulating evidence to indicate that glyphosate is resistant to biodegradation and in the areas where it has been applied, now contaminates the air, rain and groundwater." 

Strong Support Uncovered For Once-Marginalized Theory On Parkinson's Disease

"The discovery, published in the FEBS Journal (Federation of European Biochemical Societies), describes how α-synuclein (a-syn), can turn against us, particularly as we age. Modeling results explain how α-syn monomers penetrate cell membranes, become coiled and aggregate in a matter of nanoseconds into dangerous ring structures that spell trouble for neurons.

"The main point is that we think we can create drugs to give us an anti-Parkinson's effect by slowing the formation and growth of these ring structures," said Igor Tsigelny, lead author of the study and a research scientist at the San Diego Supercomputer Center and Department of Neurosciences, both at UC San Diego."
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Golf Tournament 2012

It started with the helicopter and Robb Winiecki dropping the marked balls....
It continued with the honoring of the Maldon's...

And ended with the luncheon.
(Pictures to be found on the website in a day or so.)

Check the PASFI website (click) to see more golf tournament pictures. (Give Chuck a day or so to get them all uploaded for you.)    

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Ruth Hubing, Executive Director, pasfied@aol.com 

Chuck Curry, Administrative Assistant, pasfiaa@aol.com 


Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida Inc.

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Respite Care Funding

If you are a caregiver who needs short-term, temporary care for your loved one and are unable to afford respite care, please contact PASFI at 417-3465 immediately for assistance. All information will be kept confidential.  



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