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 Election 2012

Dear Fellow Republicans,
Manatee County celebrated many victories this week and had one of its most productive and effective campaign operations ever, in spite of the disappointing outcome of the presidential election.


The Manatee GOP won big in the partisan elections, kept the City of Bradenton under Republican control and elected another Republican to the School Board.

In just 6 months, the Manatee Victory office made over 314,000 voter contacts by phone and 55,000 voter contacts by walking door-to-door.


This outreach essentially doubled the margin of victory for the Republican presidential nominee in Manatee County from 7% in 2008 to 13% in 2012.


In actual votes, Manatee County was quietly huge for the Romney/Ryan team with an increase of 11,000 to 19,000 votes for the Republican ticket, or a nearly 90% increase in the margin of victory.


This success is directly attributable to the leadership of the Manatee GOP Board of Officers: David Matthews, Marcelle Hagood, Heather Goldin, David Agee and Peggy Simone; our Office Manager Terri Smith; HQ staff: Joni Ambrusko, Janine Hoffman, Ted Hoffman, Janie Keeling and Gayle Scott; Romney/Ryan Field Coordinator Stephen Patrick; and, of course, our phenomenal Volunteers.


Congratulations general election victors: Congressman Vern Buchanan, Congressman Tom Rooney, Senator Bill Galvano, Representative Jim Boyd, Representative Greg Steube, State Attorney Ed Brodsky, Clerk of Court Chips Shore, Supervisor of Elections Mike Bennett, Commissioner Larry Bustle, Commissioner Vanessa Baugh, Commissioner Betsy Benac, Mayor Wayne Poston, Councilman Gene Brown and School Board Member Dave Watchdog Miner.


Unfortunately, our efforts were not enough the presidency.


Respecting the process, Governor Romney called the president, congratulated him and gave an eloquent , gracious and unequivocal concession speech: "I pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation." He also called on the nation and to heal and work together:


"The nation, as you know, is at a critical point. At a time like this, we can't risk partisan bickering and political posturing. . . . And we citizens also have to rise to the occasion. . . . And we look to put the people before the politics. I believe in America. I believe in the people of America."


He concluded with: "I so wish-I so wish that I had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction. But the nation chose another leader. And so Ann and I join with you to earnestly pray for him and for this great nation. Thank you, and God bless America."


True character and optimism shines in times of dismay and defeat.


We congratulate the President, celebrate our Manatee victors, give gratitude to our volunteers, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and rise again to meet the next challenge with a happy heart.


May God Bless America,

May God Bless Florida, and

May God Bless Manatee County,


Kathy King 

Chairman Kathleen King

Republican Party of Manatee County

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