Congratulations to Senator Kay Kirkpatrick!
The Cobb County Republican Party congratulates Cobb's newest Senator on her 57-43% victory last night. Cobb volunteers shattered all records and turned out the vote for Kay Kirkpatrick in what can be called the "dress rehearsal" for June 20. 

Previously, the most voters that had ever turned out for a State Senate runoff was a little over 13,000 Democrats and Republicans. Yesterday, more than 18,000 Republicans alone came out to support Dr. Kirkpatrick. Over 30,000 votes were cast which means the Democrats beat the record too turning out over 14,000 voters. 

While dozens of Cobb Republican volunteers worked to get out the vote, there were a few people who worked from the beginning organizing volunteers for canvassing, sign waving, and calling and showed tremendous leadership throughout the short window we had to unite the party for the runoff. 

Without the efforts of Donna Rowe, Dee Gay, Pamela Croxton, Darryl Wilson, Kim Sherk, Debra Lieb, Jerry Ramsey, Kevin Nicholas, and Rex Harper, and the teams of volunteers they put together and led, last night's outstanding victory may not have happened. 

The effort does not end there. We will use what we learned in the 32nd to win the Cobb portion of the 6th. We did get our Republicans out, but the Democrats got their voters out in record numbers too. 

It was KAY in May, now it's time to Handel June for Karen!

Yours in Freedom

Jason Shepherd,
Chairman, Cobb GOP