Canine Angels Service Teams
Graduating Class of 2017
Service Dog Teams
Alexandria with Wish
Raised by David, Sarah, Lucas & Pistachio Cook
Donated by Georgia Baba, Arlon Labradors  




Kerrie with Snoopy

Raised by Sandy Mays

Bred by Canine Angels


RK with River
Raised by Bill, Hilary & Scarlet Parry
Donated by Geogria Baba, Arlon Labradors
Sponsored by Assoc. for LA Deputy Sherrifs &
Disneyland Resort Cast Community Fund
Sadie with Frankie
Raised & donated by Carolyn Bottroff
Assisted Service Dog Teams
Ian with Riesling (Reese)
Raised by Sheila Kolby and Kevin Coyne
Donated by Barb Schwab, Bear River Doodles

Phineas with Okomi
Raised by Angie McDunn
Donated by Kim La Flamme, Song Dog Kennels
Sponsored by John Gogian Family Foundation
Facility Teams
Christy with Kingston
Sutter Medical Foundation
Raised by Laurel & Victor Guerra
Donated by Maggie Palmblad,
Bedrock Labradoodles


Marci & Bill with Maks
Parkside Elementary School &
Grants Pass High School
Raised by Jennifer & Tom Killinger
Donated by Dr. Joy Gyorgyfalvy
Sponsored by Evergreen Federal Bank
Pal Teams
Jonah with Skye
Raised by Cary Saunders
Donated by Georgia Baba, Arlon Labradors
Virgil with Thunder
Raised by Virgil & Cathy Wilbur
Donated by Kim La Flamme, Song Dog Kennels

A Special Thank You to All who contributed to Team Training and Graduation:


Schmidt Family Vineyards for hosting Graduation


Parkway Christian Center for providing Team Training space


Evergreen Federal Bank for marketing assistance for Graduation


Dutch Bros for continued support


Garret Mays, Ginger Adrian & Jennifer Butler for photography

of Team Training


Breeder's Choice Pet Foods for sponsoring our Advanced Training program

with Avoderm Revolving Menu dog food


Cheryl Bright - Angie Schultz - Applegate Animal Hospital - Ginger Adrian - Jan & Frank Thornquest - Canine Camp - Grants Pass Museum of Art - Christina & Butch Martin - Hope Adrian - Rogue Valley Mall - Steve Thomas - Cecilia Obeso-Knoles - Kerrie Walters - Bob Lieberman - The Haul - Garret Mays -  Lynne Hiatt - Grants Pass YMCA - Starbucks - Bobbi Cox & Sharon Davis - Lynne Evans - Sunny Schultz - RCM Classic Car Repair - Jamie Mays - Jennifer Killinger - Claire Wolber - Angie McDunn - Julianne Hamrick - Janet Margrave - Tristine Lorains - Jack & Marcella Lynch - Figaro's Pizza - Canine Club - Peggy Spencer - Olive Garden - Pita Pit - Monika Gortz - Grange Co-op - Fred & Jean Hall - Andrew Stack - Sydney Stack - PetSmart - Southgate Cinemas - Cary Saunders - Elaine Trump - Ryan Mays - Ann Michael - Shannara McDunn - George Kolby - Natasha Miller - Naomi Cook - Cassandra Whetstone

If you missed the graduation, you can
watch the video on our Facebook page 
watch the Slideshow
You can also read our Graduation Blog
Thank you to all those who purchased our Countdown to Graduation Raffle tickets and congratulations to those who won:
Raffle Ticket Winners
6/15/17 - #146 Cathy Bones
6/16/17 - #884 Julie S. *
6/17/17 - #231 Tyler F.
6/18/17 - #959 Haosheng W.
6/19/17 - #331 Debbie Turner *
6/20/17 - #317 Michael Schmitt
6/21/17 - #353 Kim McGrath
6/22/17 - #146 Cathy Bones
6/23/17 - #754 Mikey Angel *
6/24/17 - #339 Rachelle Vargas *
If you missed your chance to buy Raffle tickets this year, you can still support our program with your tax free donation HERE!

 Canine Angels Service Teams
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