WEEKLY E-NEWS   2018 5778
Mazal Tov to Dr. Steven & Mrs. Beth Roth

Celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Thank you  for sponsoring the Kiddush in honor of your simcha.


Guest Speaker Dr. George Lee, III, 
Pastor  of St. John Baptist Church this Shabbat!
In addition to our regular Shabbat services, we are pleased to welcome Dr. George Lee, III this Shabbat.  Dr. Lee will be giving the sermon in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday weekend and speaking about the role of Jews in the civil rights movement and how the Jewish community today can continue the work to see Dr. King's dream fulfilled.  Dr. Lee is a fantastic speaker and you absolutely won't want to miss listening to him!

Our popular Rabbi on the Road series continues!  For those of you for whom it's hard to get to the synagogue to meet, Rabbi Henkin will continue to go around to different areas of town to answer questions, learn together, or chat.  Come on by and visit!

Wednesday, January 17th:  11:30 pm - 1:30 pm at
(4517 Habersham St., Savannah)

Wednesday, January 24th:  1:00 pm - 3:00 pm at
(7360 Skidaway Rd., Savannah)

Monday, January 29th:  10:00 am - 12:00 pm at
(441 S. Main St., Statesboro)

Please email Rabbi Henkin at rabbihenkin@gmail.com, if you have any suggestions of future meeting places!
CongregantsinthenewsCONGREGANTS IN THE NEWS!!!

Mazal tov to Joanna Rich on being named President of the Southeast Region's Hadassah Chapter!  And kol hakavod to Carol Greenberg on coordinating a wonderful weekend for the chapter to celebrate Joanna

Mazel Tov to Jeffrey Lasky in honor of his receiving the Jack Malitz Levy Leadership Award, the highest award that one can receive in the Savannah Jewish community.
Israel Trip Meeting

For the people who are going on the trip and for those who want to learn about Israel there will be a meeting, studying about Israel's, early days.
Tuesday, January 23rd at 12 noon at the AA.
Deadline is Friday, January 19th, for reservations.


Shalom School is looking for a teacher  to work with our younger students on Sunday morning.
If you like working with children and have some Judaic knowledge, we would love for you to join our team.
Training provided. Salary based on experience.
Please call Eva Locker, Shalom School Principal, at (912)224-4617 if interested.


InthecommunityIN THE COMMUNITY 

Hadassah: New and Next
New and prospective members of Hadassah are invited to Rabbi and April Haas' home to discuss upcoming events and this year's exciting new agenda, including mission trips to Israel and legislative action days in DC. Hadassah promises to connect and empower women to effect change. We need your input to decide what's on the docket for a year of action under the leadership of new Regional President, and Savannah's own, Joanna Rich. Whether you're passionate about women and children's health, women's rights and empowerment or Israeli relations, we want to hear it! Light refreshments and wine will be served. Thursday, February 8 at 8pm. RSVP to April Haas at Purdontuniversity@gmail.com.

Looking forward to having you join us and don't forget to bring a friend.

January 12, 2018 - January 19, 2018
25 TEVET - 3 SHEVAT 5778
Friday, January 12th / Saturday , January 13th -  26 Tevet
Raoul Djian  -  father of Monique Mayo
Saturday, January 13th / Sunday , January 14th -  27 Tevet
Irving Diamond  -  father of Walter Diamond
Rhoda Hess  -  grandmother of Daniel Skidmore-Hess
Annie Hirsch*  -  grandmother of Stanley Rosenberg
Nathan Karnibad * -  Stepfather of Susan Timna
Henry Miller   -  grandfather of Edward Cohen
Sunday, January 14th / Monday , January 15th -  28 Tevet
Berthe Gomel  -  mother of Rachel Israel
Ashley Samuels*  -  wife of Scott Samuels
Monday, January 15th / Tuesday , January 16th - 29 Tevet
Eva Konter*  -  mother of Michael Konter

Tuesday, January 16th / Wednesday , January 17th -  1 Shevat
Henry Feingold  -  grandfather of Mark Schwartz
Lawson Hayes  -  brother of Garrett Kaminsky
Wednesday, January 17th / Thursday , January 18th -  2 Shevat
Bertram Freed*  -  father of Suzanne Konter
Joseph Geffen*  -  father of Theodore & Morris Geffen
Thursday, January 18th / Friday , January 19th -  3 Shevat
Sam Elman*  -  grandfather of Brenda Salter
Henry Hirszfeld  -  father of Halina Bykat
Commemoration of the Yahrzeit begins the evening of the first noted date   
*Denotes Memorial Plaque
January 12, 2018 -  January 19, 2018
Birthday Celebrations

January 12th
Michael Konter

January 13th
Sara Jospin

January 14th
Charleigh Conner

January 19th
Cookie Gale
Membership and the Bikkur Cholim Committee
Help us be the best community we can be!
If you have a special birthday or anniversary, let us know so that we can celebrate with you!
If you know a member of our congregation is sick or in the hospital, please make sure Rabbi Henkin, Motti, and/or Sidney Karp know so that we can visit them and support them.  
The Talmud says that one who visits a sick person takes away one sixtieth of his/her disease; help us fulfill the mitzvah of bikkur cholim, visiting the sick, by letting us know when someone needs us!

b=ikyr cholim

Talmud Torah K'Neged Kulam - 
Torah Study for Everyone
1 .     Food for the Soul   ( Wednesday mornings, after minyan and breakfast, hosted by Ron Ginsberg):  Come for breakfast, stay for a discussion about some of the stories and issues going on in the Jewish world.
2.  Hasidic Parashat HaShavua (Thursday morning, 8 am, after minyan, hosted by Carol Greenberg):  Join us as we take a look at the week's parashah through the eyes of the Hasidic rebbes, with a special emphasis on the spiritual lessons we can pull from the week's Torah reading.

3.    Midrash Study Group  ( Thursdays afternoons, 2:15-3:15 pm):  Take a look into the rabbinic mind and how the rabbis read the Torah in this weekly class.

4.   Skeptics Study Group (second Thursday of every month, 12 noon, hosted by Michael Konter):  This group is for all of those who want to ask difficult questions about Judaism and/or seeking Jewish answers to the questions they have.  Our next meeting will be February 8, 2018.

Have something you want to learn about but don't see a class about it?  Contact Rabbi Henkin at  rabbihenkin@gmail.com or call the main office.


Friday,  January 12th
7:00 am  Shacharit with breakfast to follow
5:22 pm   Candle Lighting
6:00 pm  Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday,  January 13th
  9:45 am  Shacharit services
12:40 pm  Mincha
   6:15 pm  Maariv & Havdalah at the house of Rabbi and his family
Sunday,  January 14th
9:00 am Shacharit
6:00 pm Mincha/Maariv
Monday,  January 15th
7:00 am  Shacharit
6:00 pm  Mincha/Maariv
Tuesday,  January 16th
  7:30 am  Shacharit
 6:00 pm  Mincha/Maariv
Wednesday,  January 17th
 8:00 am   Shacharit with Breakfast & Torah Study
 6:00 pm   Mincha/Maariv
Thursday,  January 18th
 7:30 am   Shacharit & Torah Study
 6:00 pm   Mincha/Maariv
Friday,  January 19th
7:00 am  Shacharit with breakfast to follow
5:28 pm   Candle Lighting
6:00 pm  Kabbalat Shabbat