Volume 28 | July 13, 2017
Executive Director Lori LeBlanc Testifies to Importance of Gulf Oil and Gas Production at House Subcommittee Hearing 

Lori testified yesterday on behalf of the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association during an oversight hearing of the U.S. House of Representatives Energy & Mineral Resources Subcommittee.

The subcommittee is evaluating federal offshore oil and gas development on the outer continental shelf.

For those of us who live in Louisiana, oil and gas is a way of life that is intertwined with our love for hunting and fishing. The oil and gas industry is part of our geography, our society, our economy, our culture. The Louisiana energy industry has been a responsible community partner for more than a century.”-LeBlanc

"The reality is, it’s [Oil and Gas Industry] an integral part of our economy. We’re either giving other nations billions and billions of dollars and giving them millions of jobs, or we’re going to do it here."- Louisiana Congressman Garret Graves

LeBlanc’s full testimony about the significance of Gulf oil and gas production and the need for royalty revenue sharing can be read here. 

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View Full Subcommittee Press Release: Panel: Expanding Offshore Access a Boon for Coastal Communities, Integral to Future Energy Security 

Benefits of expanding offshore oil and natural gas development benefits highlighted during House hearing  via Daily Energy Insider 
A House subcommittee convened an oversight hearing on Wednesday to review the status of oil and gas leasing and drill permitting processes on the outer continental shelf (OCS), where panelists said expanding access would lead to more jobs and increased revenues for states and the federal government. 

“As the committee continues to look at avenues for oil and gas development, I urge you to look to Louisiana and our long history of successfully producing America’s energy,” LeBlanc said. “We balance energy production with environmental stewardship. Since the first offshore well was drilled 70 years ago, the Gulf has produced 90 percent of domestic crude oil from OCS territories.”

Scott Angelle Talks Reliable and Safe Energy Production Via KATC3 
Mr. Angelle is touring the Gulf Coast, and Acadiana, meeting with industry leaders and other stakeholders to explore ways to move the offshore energy program forward.

At at time where commodity prices aren't encouraging and regulations may have added to difficulties to producers, Angelle says, "People have had a tough run, and the regulatory environment hasn't been very welcoming." He's determined to listen to these people and see if there are ways that new policies can be written to get the outer continental shelf oil industry moving again and get people back to work

NOIA Applauds Lower Shallow Water Royalty Rate for Upcoming Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale

via NOIA

 " NOIA applauds the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s decision to set the royalty rate at 12.5% for shallow water leases in next month’s Gulf of Mexico (GOM) oil and gas lease sale. 

This common-sense decision makes the royalty rate for shallow water leases consistent with the Federal onshore royalty rate and demonstrates genuine interest in attracting operators to the GOM shelf.  The Trump Administration continues to keep its promises regarding the promotion and active encouragement of an ‘all the above’ energy policy."President Randall Luthi

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