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The LeadingAge Connecticut Leadership Academy is a yearlong transformational leadership development experience for emerging leaders.  

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Executive Leadership Education Program.
Session Two:  Discovering Authentic Leadership

During this session, the fellows focused on exploring their personal values to develop or recognize their moral compass and self-reflective leadership practices.  The fellows began to understand social styles and crucibles of leadership in order to find a leadership voice and the confidence to transform organizations.

The fellows spent the first day of their session at the Mercy by the Sea retreat center and then visited LeadingAge Connecticut member Tower One/Tower East in New Haven for the second day.  Thank you to Mark Garilli and the entire staff and residents of Tower One/Tower East for your hospitality!


Personal Mission, Vision and Values

The Leadership Academy fellows began to explore how their personal mission, vision and values have influenced their life journey.  Concepts like crucible moments which are experiences that test leaders to their limits were introduced and how the fellow handled their crucible moment was reflected upon.  

Crucible moments can be triggered by events such as confronting a difficult situation at work, receiving critical feedback or personal experiences such as divorce, illness or death of a loved one.  From these reflections, fellows created their own mandala to represent their own personal mission, vision and values.

2017 Connecticut Leadership Academy Mandala

This year, the Connecticut Leadership Academy decided to strengthen the bonds they are forming by creating their own class mandala.

Executive Leadership Education Program 

Ethical Dilemmas in Aging Services
for Executive Management and Leadership Academy alumni 

Monday, April 24
Michael A. Gillette, Ph.D., Bioethical Services of  Virginia

This full day educational program is  designed for Executive Management and national and local Leadership Academy alumni.

Ethics of Dementia 
Dr. Gillette will examine the ethical balance between respecting individual choice and protecting individuals from harm. The appropriate limits on autonomy and the rights of individuals to make dangerous or unwise decisions. This is a critical ethical issue that has emerged in the transition of our aging services field.

Respecting Resident Choice
In this portion of the program, Dr. Gillette will provide an introduction to the process of practical ethical decision making, especially as it applies to situations involving individuals with memory impairment. A careful analysis of a pragmatic approach to identifying, analyzing and resolving clinical ethics issues. Through case analysis, attendees will study issues of autonomy, paternalism and the management of conflicts among providers, recipients of care and family members .

Dr. Michael Gillette is a bioethicist who has conducted numerous programs for healthcare organizations nationally and internationally. His interactive style engages his audiences and helps them think critically about ethical decisions in their work and beyond.

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We are very excited that there are over 100 national and state Leadership A cademy alumni and Conne cticut.  It's never too early  t o begin thinking about applying for the 2018 Connecticut Leadership Academy.  Applications will be available late summer.

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