You too can help us keep the Festival out of the red.  Read on to see how.

Their support helps to keep 
admission prices down and enables us to present the best storytellers and story teachers in the country.
The Connecticut Storytelling Center's staff works all year long on this event, and the costs of producing it are significant. 

Donations are still welcome to help 
offset the cost of the Festival, 
or to make it more accessible

We never turn away anyone who can't afford, but would like to attend  the Festival .  If you would like, you can earmark your donation for the Festival Scholarship Fund, in memory of storyteller and past board member, J.G. Pinkerton.  

You can donate through PayPal, credit card or check.
If you use PayPal, please indicate that your donation is for the Festival and/or the Festival scholarship fund 
in the space for instructions.

Thank you for all the ways
you support the Festival!
For snail mail or phone donations
Connecticut Storytelling Center -  CT College Box 5295

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