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January 4, 2012 ~ Weekly Update
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                        Our 2012 Theme:
Connecting With Your Christ Self 
(Let's Get Practical!) 
Our theme for this year, 2012, is How To Connect With Your Christ Self. We will share over a hundred ways that you can align your human self with your Christ Nature. It will be a year of practicality. A year of connection. A year that is guaranteed to transform your life. A year filled with prescriptions and how to's. A year that will help you enjoy a closer relationship with your Authentic Self, your SuperSelf.

Each week we will offer spiritual prescriptions designed to help you remove barriers to and gain access to your Divine nature. We will include prescriptions that describe different kinds of meditation, affirmative prayer, spiritual retreats, affirmations and denials, metaphysical study, and breathing techniques.

However, most of what we will prescribe will be new to you. Ninety percent of our prescriptions will be taken from the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, immunology, training and development, sociology, nutrition, neurotheology, neurobiology, and social psychology.

This is the year the outer you will become one with - or almost one with - the Divine you, the Authentic You, the SuperSelf you. We are looking forward to a Super Year!

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Revs. Bil & Cher Holton 

Sunday, January 8 ~ Get Out of a Nicodemus Consciousness  
(Including Letters to Our Christ Self) ~ 10:30 am  
NightJoin Revs. Bil & Cher for a great Sunday Celebration Service, where you will discover the metaphysical interpretation of the story of Nicodemus, and expand the power of the Bowl Burning Ceremony by writing a letter to your Higher, Christ Self. Aaron Evans will be back with his amazing music, and it will be a dynamic, transformational service!
Childcare and youth programs provided.


NOTE: You can listen to Revs. Bil & Cher live, and read their thought provoking articles by going to our podcasts and articles  at  

USLC Blog: Spirituality: Enlightenment On the Edge.  

Upcoming Events  


2012 is bringing lots of great events! Be sure to mark your calendar for all these special events, so you don't miss anything!

Wednesday, Jan 11, 7-9 pm ~ Dreamscape 2012 Play-shop.
Bring your goals and visions for 2012, and create a Dreamscape (also known as Treasure Map, Vision Board, or Goal Collage). We will have scissors, paste, and poster boards. We invite you to bring old magazines to share, and create together your picture of 2012. Facilitated by Rev. Cher.

Wednesdays, Jan. 18 and 25 ~ 7-9 pm Visions of a Universal Humanity Viewing and Discussion Group,
sponsored by the Adult Spiritual Education Ministry and the Integrative Healing Ministry. In this 2-part session, we will be viewing the DVD, Visions of a Universal Humanity, featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard. This film brings together some of the finest minds of our time to reveal a positive future for humanity. 
Sun., Jan. 29 ~ 1-4 pm Enneagram Workshop, led by Rev. Ogun Holder. 
Drawing from ancient wisdom traditions, the Enneagram is a powerful tool for self-discovery and transcendence. In this workshop, you will discover the embedded forces that drive your personality, as well as ways to bring them into alignment with your true Divine nature, resulting in enhanced relationships with yourself and others.

Coming in February: Wednesday Nights ~ Our "Un-Service" ~ Bridging the Gap Between Science & Spirituality. 7:00-9:00 pm. Open to the community. 


Join the USLC Literary Society!!

booksWe are in the process of organizing a Unity Literary Society at USLC. Anyone interested, please contact Rev. Bil or Jennifer Jager, our Bookstore Ministry Director.

The inaugural book is Why God Won't Go Away, by Andrew Newberg and Eugene D'Aquili. Jennifer will order the book based on the number of people joining the Society. The start up/planning meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 22 immediately following the Celebration Service. You are invited to join us!

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Inspiring Music
We hope you enjoy this beautiful rendition of The Prayer, amazingly performed by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.
The prayer Celine Dion& A Bocelli
The Prayer
Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli


9:30 Silent Meditation

Fillmore Chapel



Celebration Service & YOU/Uniteen classes

(Childcare available)

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Directions: Exit 175 off of I-85. Turn NORTH on Guess Road; Turn right onto Carver Street. Go approximately half a block; USLC is located in the small business park on your left.

Survey Feedback!  


Journal-penFollowing our Reinvention Meetings, we sent out Part 1 of a survey to capture your ideas on trends and recommendations that were shared. Here are some results and action plans from that first survey: 


In terms of the elements of the Sunday morning Celebration Service, respondent results indicated that for the most part, people are quite satisfied with the format and flow of the service. The changes we will be making, in response to the majority of feedback, include:


- Bulletins: the information to be said by the congregation will be highlighted in yellow, making it easier for visitors to locate.


- Once a month, we will interchange a Metaphysical version of the Lord's prayer. We will also occasionally use the Lord's Prayer in another language.


-  We will be using only platformers or ministers to make announcements (except on special occasions), and every attempt will be made to keep the announcements short.


- We will be switching the Opening Chorus every month. Keeping the same opening for a month will help everyone get familiar with the various opening choruses we use. (There will be exceptions, such as using Let It Go! for the first Sunday of the year.)


- We will continue to have both Rev. Bil and Rev. Cher speak together most Sundays, based on the overwhelming positive feedback to this approach. The mix of metaphysical and practical application will continue.


- We will continue to mix the hymnal music with more current hymns, working to find ways to help the congregation learn them. We will work with Aaron and Synchronicity to see how they can provide more help to the congregation in learning the newer songs. Overall, there was an even split between those who like the older, more traditional hymns and those who preferred the newer, more current music. By combining the two, we hope to provide a nice variety that will speak to everyone in different ways.


- As we work to become financially sustainable, we will do our best to provide excellent special music with internal resources. We will be inviting congregation members to sponsor outside special music, to help with our budget.


- We will be starting our Wednesday night "Un-Services" focusing on Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality in February. 


 Be on the lookout for the next phase of our survey, coming out soon. In the meantime, if you would like to talk about the survey results from Phase 1, feel free to speak with any Board member, including our ministers. And please -- invite your friends to join us at USLC! 

Inclement Weather Information      


It's that time of year again! While it is rare, the weather occasionally impacts our schedule!

If we need to cancel a service or class due to weather, a message will be posted on our office

phone (471-3504). Information will also be submitted to all three major television news stations, and we will do our best to have it posted on the home page of our website.
 For great spiritual enrichment articles,go to our USLC Blog: Spirituality~Enlightenment on the Edge. 




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