Economic Development

Need Help to Start, Manage or Grow a Food Business?
2 min read

Need Help to Start, Manage or Grow a Food Business?  If so, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) offers many resources to individuals and businesses starting or growing a food processing business.
A good place to start is with the  2015 Guide To Food And Beverage Manufacturing in Ontario Whether you are new to the food industry and working on a business start-up or need assistance with the expansion of an existing operation, you will find the information in this guide and its easy-to-follow tools and templates will help you:
  • Plan for a food processing business's start-up and ongoing success
  • Take a product from concept to market
  • Set product price point
  • Find and sell to customers
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Have Your Say on the Next Agricultural Policy Framework
7 min read

Share Your Experiences and Ideas for the Next Agricultural Policy Framework
Federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) governments are working together to develop the next agricultural policy framework. They want your feedback to help shape the direction of future policy and programs for the agriculture and agri-food sector. Tell them what you would like to see in the next framework.
Submit your feedback on the Calgary Statement . The Calgary Statement was released by Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Agriculture on July 22, 2016. It outlines the key priority areas that will guide the development of the next agricultural policy framework. Comments accepted until November 30, 2016.

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Resolving Conflict in Your Organization
2 min read

Conflict is a normal and healthy part of our lives, when properly managed. But when differences of opinion are not constructively handled, they can escalate into huge problems and heated arguments around boardroom tables.
Conflict is an active disagreement or friction between people with opposing opinions or principles. It results from actual or perceived differences.
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Agriculture Development
Adverse Weather Resources
Author: Hugh Berges, Manager, Field Crops/OMAFRA
7 min read

There are a number of areas of the province experiencing lower than average rainfall this growing season and many crops are stressed due to that lack of rain. OMAFRA and Agricorp are actively monitoring the situation across the province. Business Risk Management programs are in place to help farmers mitigate the risks that may be beyond their control. These programs work together by providing protection for different types of losses, including those resulting from adverse weather conditions. Farmers who feel they may be eligible for support under any of the BRM programs they are enrolled in, should contact Agricorp for further information.
Ministry staff are available to provide producers and agri-businesses with advice and information on best management practices to help deal with the impacts of dry weather. Farmers are encouraged to contact the Agricultural Information Contact Center (AICC) for information on any ministry resources. (1-877-424-1300) or visit 
Available Resources:
OMAFRA Adverse Weather Resources:
OMAFRA Low Water Resources:
Business Risk Management Programs :
  • Contact Agricorp at 1-800-247-4999
Business and Financial Management Resources :
Farm Financial Assessments:
  • Ontario producers who are experiencing financial difficulty may qualify to access advisory services to complete a Farm Financial Assessment at no cost. This is funded by Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.
  • Contact the AICC at 1-877-424-1300
F inancial and Health Services:
Introducing World Crops to Ontario
2 min read

The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre focuses on horticultural science and innovation for Ontario and Canada.
Vineland's World Crops project has created extensive interest in the production of new crops for Ontario. Fruits and vegetables native to Caribbean, African and Asian countries would have strong markets in the multi-cultural cities of Canada. By 2031, over 60% of Toronto's population will be from ethnic backgrounds.
 "We've been very impressed with the work that Vineland is doing to help develop the market for locally-grown world crops" Bruno Bertucci, produce buyer, Longo's.

Fall Pasture Fertility Management after a Dry Summer
Author:  Jack Kyle - Grazier Specialist/OMAFRA
2 min read

Soil fertility plays a major role in fall pasture growth, the overwintering of the plants and the following spring's production. Fall is a good time of year to help a pasture that is struggling from being overgrazed, stressed by poor growing conditions or a combination of both. Nitrogen is the key, but phosphorous and potash are important additions to getting pastures back into productivity.

5 Reasons to Shop at your Local Farmers' Market
2 min read

What sets farmers' markets apart from the grocery store?
  1. Strong sense of community/support for family farmers
  2. Food Quality: Taste Real Flavours
  3. Know Where it's coming from
  4. Intimate atmosphere at the point of purchase
  5. Adding value

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