February 27, 2017

Dear CATZ members,
It is now approaching March 1st and we wanted to give you another update as the project is now coming to a close!
The CrossFit space is just about done and Charles River CrossFit has been moving in the last couple days and will officially begin joint operations with us on Wednesday.  Please welcome Erik Miller, his staff, and members to our new family.  Our new website should go live by the end of this coming week. 
As far as the facility construction, the showers will finally be done this week.  Next, we will be focusing on fixing up and refreshing the existing bathrooms to make them more functional. 
An update on the track - after researching many different options and materials, we will be ordering a new track which will be very similar to the track at the old facility.  When the new track arrives it may take up to a full day to rip out the existing track and another day to install the new one.  We will keep you posted on timing and will do our extreme best to make sure the work gets done over the weekend, if feasible, so as to hopefully not interfere with the training schedule.
With CATZ and Crossfit officially joining forces this week, we have made the decision to become one under the name Charles River Strength and Fitness. Our CATZ programs will remain under the current CATZ names and will function as we have always. The new logo  will be unveiled soon with apparel to follow.  Lars and myself will continue to be managing partners along with Erik Miller and Mark Hastings from Crossfit.  We are very excited about the merger and being able to offer some of the best fitness programs in the area with a very talented team of coaches!
When the new website is up and running hopefully later this week we encourage you to visit and get to know the staff and our growing family.
If anyone has any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or Erik Miller, erik@charlesrivercrossfit.com. We are all looking forward to a bright, sweaty, and fit future as we finalize this business merger and facility development.
~Jonathan Price