March 2017 
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Builder Issues with Tarion

Builders Arbitration Forum and Alternatives to the Builders Arbitration Forum

Tarion, pursuant to Bulletin 41, created the Builders Arbitration Forum (BAF). Builder Bulletins are promulgated from time to time by Tarion to set out requirements builders must meet as part of the terms and conditions of continued registration.
Bulletin 41, does not have the force of statute or regulation, but is designed to provide to builders a right of appeal to BAF from findings of breaches of warranty, which appeal rights are subject to Tarion's exclusive discretion. Theoretically, BAF allows builders to appeal all unfavourable conciliations to that forum, including delayed closing claims, contested substitutions, deposit refund disputes, and breaches of warranty.
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Employment Corner
Employment Contracts: The Good and the Bad

The termination of a long term employee can cost a business up to two years of salary, benefits, and pension payments for that employee. With the removal of the mandatory retirement age in Ontario, that liability has increased for everyone.

One way to mitigate this liability is through the use of employment contracts. A well drafted employment contract can limit the amount of money to be paid to a departing employee. Certain employers can limit their exposure on a termination to only eight weeks' salary and other benefits in lieu of notice of termination.

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CASL's private right of action coming this summer.
Is you company ready to comply?
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Construction Law in Canada - Get Paid: Part 1 - Construction Liens & Notices

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