Construction Law Lunch & Learn

Topic: Scheduling Impact Claims - Common Legal Issues & Practical Considerations for Asserting & Proving Delay, Disruption & Acceleration Claims


Thursday, August 10, 2017 - Register Online


Course Description: The course will be a practical discussion of what sorts of things a contractor/subcontractor/owner should be thinking about in order to prepare for the eventuality of a delay, disruption, or acceleration claim.  Presented by a construction attorney and a construction scheduling expert, the seminar will discuss important legal aspects of delay, disruption, and acceleration claims   while also going over the practical realities of asserting or defending such claims, such as what a critical path analysis entails and what documents a scheduling expert would ideally want a contractor, subcontractor, or owner to have in order to analyze a scheduling-impact claim.  

Learning Objectives/ Outcomes:
  • Understand the legal aspects of asserting/proving (or defending/disproving) scheduling impact claims.
  • Understand the practical aspects of asserting/proving (or defending/disproving) scheduling impact claims from the point of view of a construction scheduling expert.
  • Learn how to incorporate these lessons into best practices for contract formation and record keeping in order to put oneself in the best position to prevail in a scheduling impact claim
Target Audience:  Contractors, subcontractors, and project owners

Instructor(s) Name (s):
Shay Kulkarni (Shareholder, Sullivan Hill),
Richard Tasker (President/Principal, Sage Associates, Inc.)

Date: August 10, 2017 -  Register Online
Time: 11:010 am - 1:00 pm
Cost to attend: 
$50/person AGC member
Free/person AGC Journeyman
$75/person Non-member

Location:  AGC San Diego Training Center |  6212 Ferris Square San Diego CA 92121  

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