Construction and Redistricting Update 

Kristin Morrissey , Vice Chair
Forsyth County Board of  Education
District 2
  March 2015  

As a result of the recent school bond several projects are now underway and/or complete at some of the 35 schools in the Forsyth County School System.  Schools are paid for both by local funds and with state funds. The state contributes to new construction only when certain conditions are met.  These rules hinder us from being proactive in building facilities in anticipation of growth. More on that topic in another newsletter.


2014 Bond projects include:  

  • new school construction
  • land acquisition
  • modifications/renovations to existing schools
  • new additions to existing schools for growth
  • safety improvements
  • transportation needs 
  • technology upgrades 
  • life cycle improvements such as electrical, flooring, painting, plumbing, kitchens and HVAC  

This newsletter highlights some of the projects that are already complete or in the works with an emphasis on District 2 in South Forsyth.


Topics Covered in this newsletter:

New School Construction

Redistricting Rumors

New Construction/Renovations at Existing Schools

Completed Projects

School Scoreboard - SFMS Focus

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New School Construction 
(For maps of the new school locations, click on the school name below)

Brandywine Elementary is located on Martin Rd. south of McFarland and Highway 9.  Brandywine is currently under construction with a total building cost of about $17.9 million. The funding for Brandywine Elementary has been paid for in part from prior referendums with the remaining half of funds coming from state reimbursements for money that we earned through the state's capital outlay program.

DeSana Middle School is located on James Rd. just south and west of the intersection of McFarland Parkway and Union Hill Rd.  The total construction cost for the new middle school is $29,576,000 with state funding an amount of $10,949,105 and the local share being $18,626,895 from the 2014 bond. 


FCSS will begin the redistricting process in the fall of 2015 in preparation of opening both the new elementary and middle schools in 2016.  Brandywine will pull students from four existing elementary schools, Big Creek, Midway, Shiloh Point and Vickery Creek.  The opening of Desana Middle School will directly alleviate overcrowding at two middle schools, Piney Grove and Vickery Creek. 

New High School     

The new high school will be located in SW Forsyth on land between Mullinax Rd and Fowler Rd. The land purchase and construction is funded by the 2014 bond referendum. The school is projected to open in 3 years - August, 2018. 


The process of naming the new high school is now underway with public input on the school name recommendations coming by this April.  

Attendance lines for the new high school will be determined in the fall of 2017. testrd

Redistricting Rumors montana-teacher.jpg

Redistricting is necessary whenever a new school is opening. As a parent who has gone through redistricting and as a BOE member, I understand that the redistricting process is one very few look forward to. Schools are part of our community that so many have invested in for years.


Rarely a day goes by that I am not asked the question "Is our subdivision switching high schools?" or that someone says to me "I heard at school today that subdivision X is definitely getting redistricted". 


Let me make this clear. Any one who says "they know" does NOTNo one knows at this point.

Later this year a very specific timeline for the redistricting process will be established  for the elementary and middle schools opening in 2016. With a 2018 opening date redistricting for the new high school will take place in 2017. 


Staff will spend months reviewing enrollment data in order to determine potential attendance zones before making a first draft recommendation. The staff committee may consider things such as:  preliminary numbers for attendance zones for the new schools, how much relief is needed at existing schools, the impact and affect on transportation and staffing, prior redistricting for given subdivisions as well as school feeder patterns.


In the fall, draft attendance lines will be posted online and in the effected schools.  During the redistricting process there will many opportunities for input from parents, teachers, staff and the community via online surveys, public forums, local school councils, etc.  Feedback will be used to help make potential changes and the subsequent drafts for further review by everyone.


The final vote on the revised district lines for the first two schools will most likely occur by the end of this year.  This leaves time for school administrators to hire and reallocate teachers and staff, modify and test transportation/bus routes, and also allow time for the affected schools to plan accordingly for any necessary changes and communication they need to do as well.NewConstructionReno

Preparations for extensive renovations and additions have started at South, North and Central High Schools.  

North High will be getting a new gymnasium, cafeteria, about 22 additional classrooms. Bids have been awarded to contractors for the North and South pre-construction process.


South Forsyth High will be undergoing a major renovation including the following:

  • Construct cafeteria/kitchen with circulation infill to create an east/west connector for safety
  • New main entrance w/admin, attendance and counseling offices
  • Construct band classroom and chorus suite
  • Construct gym
  • Modify east and west cafeterias for classrooms/ctae labs
  • Modify access to stadium and field house 
  • Additional classrooms  
  • Engineering lab

South Middle, Riverwatch Middle and Lambert High have started the bid process as well. Pre-construction bids will be awarded in April and July. All three schools are gaining new wings for additional classrooms (19-23) as well as other renovations such as expanded media center, cafeteria and hvac at South Middle, and an expanded band room at Riverwatch Middle. 


Lambert High renovations:

  • Construct new wing with 19 classrooms
  • Construct restrooms adjacent to cafeteria
  • Construct band classroom
  • Modify engineering lab for heathcare lab
  • Modify band classroom for engineering lab  
  • Expanding the counseling suite to accommodate increased support

I will continue updates on renovations at these schools as they progress and I receive some updated information from staff.Completed

Completed or Underway Projects (partial list)

  • Front Entrances modified for safety at 8 middle schools.
  • 4 HVAC modification/replacement bids awarded in March for Forsyth Central, North Middle, Vickery Middle, Daves Creek and Settles Bridge Elementary (Total of over $5M out of the $195M bond).
  • Concession stand and restrooms at NFHS
  • Installation of 3000 laptops with virtual desktops
  • Upgraded our Firewall (bond and state money)
  • Upgraded approximately 10,000 laptops (through local money) 
  • Wireless upgrades as well as upgrading networks switches will occur this summer
School Scoreboard - SFMS Focus

Great things are happening at South Forsyth Middle! Here's just a few:
  • Academic Bowl "Recent Events Challenge"  National  1st Place
  • 3 PTA Reflections Contest  State Level Winners
  • Verizon Innovative App Challenge 2015  -  Best in State / Best in SE Region
  • PAGE Regional Academic Bowl 1st Place
  • Georgia All-State Band 2015 - 6 students
  • Large Group Performance Evaluation - Band - All superior ratings
  • 2015 GMEA District 9 Middle School Honors Band - Several students
  • Several 1st and 2nd place finishers in FBLA Regional Competition
  • HOSA STATE Competition - SFMS Chapter won Most Professional Chapter 2015Futuren
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Future newsletters will cover additional ideas and strategies being worked on to help keep our schools the best they can be.   Upcoming topics include enrollment numbers, class sizes, county discussions, senior exemptions etc. 

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Kristin Morrissey - Forsyth County Board of Education District 2      

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