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November 27, 2012  

Action Alert


Tell Congress That Deficit Reduction Deal Must Include Significant New Revenue to Stop Cuts to Housing and Homeless Programs.


According to a report released yesterday by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, any major legislation to reduce federal budget deficits that does not include substantial new revenues would almost certainly require deep cuts in programs that serve low-income families, including housing and community development programs. Such cuts would come on top of the ten-year spending cuts that President Obama and Congress enacted last year - and they could be far deeper than the across-the-board cuts ("sequester") that are scheduled to take effect in early January unless policymakers overturn them.

Contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives THIS WEEK and u
rge them to oppose sequestration and insist that deficit reduction plans protect low-income households. 

Give specific examples of the need in your area and how housing and community development funding benefits communities and the local economy. Don't miss this critical opportunity to protect affordable housing and community development resources.


State and local advocacy tools:

State-by-state budget charts:

Let Congress know how housing and community development programs are key investments for future economic growth. 


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