The Arc Maryland State Convention Breakout Sessions Announced!
Discover the Exciting Breakout Sessions at The Arc Maryland's State Convention
June 2, 2017
Breakout Session 1: Growing Up with A Sibling with I/DD 

Walter Suskind, featured with brother Owen in the movie: Life, Animated, will explore sibling issues in this breakout session. Joining Walter will be a panel of siblings of brothers and sisters with I/DD to share their experiences and wisdom. Walter will lead the discussion on topics ranging from life as a sibling to advocating for your brother or sister. You'll network, share ideas and resources, and learn how to advocate on behalf of your family.
Breakout Session 2: Living the Life I Want for Myself - How Person Centered Planning Can Be Your Tool

I have dreams and goals for my life.  I'd like to figure out what my goals are, with support need to help me dream. How can I help as a family member and brother/sister? What is the role of support staff, friends and others who care? Person-Centered Planning is a tool to help people figure out their goals, help them dream and then create a plan to do just that! Learn from two agencies that have embraced person-centered planning with wonderful impact on the lives of people with disabilities.
Breakout Session 3: Police Training

Ethan Saylor's death in a Frederick, Maryland, movie theatre spurred mom Patty Saylor to turn tragedy to advocacy. State legislation and funding created the Saylor Alliance, which is working to form the framework needed to support self-advocates as educators for law enforcement and other public service entities. The Saylor Alliance launched in the fall of 2016 with the recruitment and training of the first training cohort. Fifteen individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities completed a five-day workshop in Leadership and Training Skills. The graduates are poised to put their new skills to work with several having already obtained paid opportunities. The training is a collaborative project with People on the GO of Maryland, Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities, Pathfinders for Autism and The Arc Maryland, made possible by funding from the Maryland Department of Disabilities. Learn more!
Breakout Session 4: New DDA Family Support and Community Support Waivers 

DDA is creating two new waiver programs to support individuals and families currently waiting for services.  The Family Supports Waiver will offer an a variety of services to support the family such as home support, navigation, family training, and counseling.  Families would have a budget up to $12,000 annually to design the services and supports to meet their needs for after school and weekends.  The Community Support Waiver would offer various meaningful day and community supports with the exception of provider owned residential services.  Participants would have a budget up to $25,000 and the option to self-direct.  This session will provide information and updates from the Developmental Disabilities Administration on their January 2018 implementation plans.
Breakout Session 5: Maryland ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience) Makes It Easier Than Ever to Save Money for All of Your Disability-Related Needs:  Everything You Need to Know to Get Started 

More independence, greater financial security and a better quality of life - that's the future Maryland ABLE wants to help build. MD ABLE accounts are a new way to help individuals with disabilities save money and pay for qualified disability-related expenses without jeopardizing federal means-tested benefits, such as SSI or Medicaid. The Maryland ABLE program will be implemented by Maryland 529. State and local means-tested programs cannot use ABLE funds as part of eligibility considerations and Maryland taxpayers who contribute to a Maryland ABLE account will receive up to a $2,500 income tax deduction. Maryland ABLE is projected to be operational by the end of 2017. Learn about how Maryland's program is progressing and what the various savings and investment options are, the nuts and bolts of program features and the tax benefits of utilizing ABLE accounts.
Breakout Session 6: Communicate with Charisma & Clarity 

The fastest way to become a better public speaker - whether standing in a front of a crowd or with one person in a meeting - is to get rid of filler words (ah, um, like, you know, so....), to purge other weak phrases, and to harness stronger body language. Body language is 65-70% of communication. In this interactive kickoff workshop, TALLsmall Productions will lead your group through a series of entertaining games designed to strengthen wording, to better understand body language and how to deliver an elevator introduction in a concise, memorable way.
Breakout Session 7: Virtually Inclusive Education (Peyton's Bill):  Robots and Adaptive Technology Connecting Homebound/Hospitalized Children to School

PAVS- Also known as Peyton's Awesome Virtual Self is a virtually driven "avatar" robot. When Peyton Walton could not physically attend school during her cancer treatment - PAVS was Peyton's eyes, ears and physical presence in her Poolesville Elementary School. Because of PAVS - Peyton was able to virtually attend class from NYC. She was able continue her education un-interrupted, stay connected with her peers and graduate on time with outstanding marks from 5th grade.