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Spiritual Healing and Medical Treatment Mystically Viewed

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We live in a world of dualities: peace and war, pleasure and pain, wealth and poverty-is it any wonder then that there has been an ongoing conflict between proponents of spiritual and natural healing versus the majority of the medical establishment? 
In recent days of this writing of Mystical Insights, Dr. Oz, host of the most popular medical show in the United States, has come under attack by some of his medical peers, with some going so far as to accuse him of presenting quackery on his telecasts, albeit he is very respected as a surgeon.  In recent years many physicians, like Dr. Oz, have branched out into alternative and complimentary healing modalities as an adjunct to their practice and have had to suffer from their traditional, allopathic peers.  So it is not just a matter of conflict between traditional allopathic medicine and those who practice spiritual healing-but also within the ranks of the medical community as well.

Most who are reading this have a metaphysical, transpersonal, or mystical study background and are well aware that spiritual healing has been practiced since the beginnings of recorded time.  In the West, the claims of Jesus' healings added an exclamation mark to the practice. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, who taught Mary Baker Eddy, carried the focus of spiritual health into modern times with the advent of Christian Science.  The concept of Christian Science practitioners inspired Ernest Holmes to create Religious Science Practitioners.  In between Christian Science and Religious Science, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore placed very heavy emphasis on Spiritual healing in the Unity Church movement.  And yes, the concept of metaphysical practitioners is part of the International Metaphysical Ministry.

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