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Conway Stewart Doctor Edition


The Doctor Edition is based on our popular Marlborough Vintage model. Crafted from genuine Ebonite, the material of choice for fountain pen manufacturers through the early 1930s. This new design is accented with the classic pinstripe engraving pattern along the full length of both cap and barrel, which is further set off with a tiffany polishing process to create a matt finish.


With a straight design of the cap and barrel shape, and a vintage style washer clip, the Marlborough model recalls some of finest Conway Stewart pens from the 1920s.

 Conway Stewart Doctor Edition

The Doctor's edition is substantial in style yet remains very easy to use with the gently curved section accommodating a wide range of hand sizes. The barrel is accented with two wide solid sterling silver bands, while the bandless cap features an engraved design at the top, reminiscent of some of the very early pen designs from Conway Stewart. 


On the reverse side of the barrel and opposite the lever mechanism, we have engraved the Staff of Aesculapius design, symbolic of healing and the medicinal arts.

 Conway Stewart Doctor Edition

Perfectly balanced in the hand, the Doctor's edition features a solid 18 carat gold nib with rhodium plating to match the hallmarked sterling silver trim, and is offered in a choice of the traditional lever fill and the reliable cartridge converter filling system.


We have adopted a new and improved inner mechanism for the lever fill versions that allows for an easier and more complete filling of the ink sac, the lever itself is richly plated to match the sterling silver trim of the Doctor's edition and adorned with the Conway Stewart diamond logo. 

  Conway Stewart Doctor Edition


The Doctor's edition is the perfect accessory for anyone in the medical field, or the perfect graduation gift for that special someone heading into professional life. 


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