My letter to editor in Sun today on the three candidates vying for Bookout's vacated seat. I left the documentation on so you can read the background articles on it. At this link if you have a subscription:


Cooper GOP’s only hope

We have three GOP candidates vying for the Senate seat recently vacated by former senator Paul Bookout. However, it appears we have only one true conservative in the race, John Cooper, the one who opposes the Arkansas Private Option Obamacare Medicaid Expansion.


GOP candidate Chad Niell is quoted as saying in a Democrat-Gazette article that he has not yet made a decision on the Medicaid expansion. “(H)e wants to read the measure before taking a stand on it.” So Neill is so concerned about how Obamacare affects Arkansans that he has not even read or made a decision on the most controversial issue in the 2013 session (and will continue to be so in 2014.) How could he not have read the bill or followed it?


Neill also contributed $500 to Democrat Harold Copenhaver to defeat GOP Jon Hubbard, the first Republican to win that seat in the statehouse in 135 years and contributed $2,000 to Attorney General Dustin McDaniel’s campaign for governor — a campaign cut short by scandal.


GOP candidate Dan Sullivan also said he’s “neither a proponent or opponent of the private option.” Sullivan, who has also contributed to Democrats, including Beebe, is quoted as saying, “that’s the way we do business, contributing to politicians from both parties who share common interests.”


These two GOP candidates, Neill and Sullivan, may possess some good qualities, but I don’t believe the typical Republican voter agrees with their way of doing political business.


This race will draw lots of money, lots of attention, and lots of false information. The main issue will be whether the candidate will vote to defund the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in 2014, and even the recruitment of candidates stem from that issue.


Using every shenanigan in the book, Beebe was able to push Medicaid expansion through in the 2013 session with the help of some Republicans. Since every Democrat voted for Medicaid expansion, we know how those four Democratic candidates for Bookout’s seat would vote.


Political pundits in Little Rock said they had never seen so much lobbying and money spent in getting the Medicaid expansion passed by hospitals and businesses that were to gain huge profits by its passage. GOP candidate Neill also has enough money to fund his own campaign but declined to say how much he plans to spend on advertising.


Readers, beware and prepare for unbelievable attacks from both sides of the aisle on a true conservative like John Cooper because he is the only one who can be expected to help defund Obamacare in Arkansas in 2014.


Debbie Pelley



 The last Tolbert  article below can be accessed without a subscripption. Dem Gaz, "3 in GOP seek Bookout's seat" Niel contributes $2,000 to Attorney General Dustin McDaniel and $500 to Rep. Harold Copenhaver.'  And  Niell and Sullivan said they need more information on the so-called private option before they take a stance on it...[


See Dem Gaz article at this link for the following: "Field of seven vying for seat in District 21"

(a) Neill quote "He wants to read the measure before taking a stand on it."

(b) Sullivan quote: "Sullivan, another Republican who has contributed to Democrats, including Beebe, said, 'that’s the way we do business' contributing to politicians from both parties who share common interests,

(c) Sullivan quote:  Sullivan said he’s neither a proponent or opponent of the private option.

“We can’t start making decisions based on what we don’t know and there are a lot of things that we don’t know yet,” he said.

(d) John Cooper's statements opposing private option


Same information also found in: Tolbert: Three Republicans File For Senate, Shots Begin Immediately" at  When I spoke with Cooper, he was quick and to the point. “I am opposed to the ‘private option’ and funding for it,” said Cooper.


All three articles discussed the Private Option issue.