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October 20th

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The LGBT Weekly says you have cooties.  Actually, cooties are for kids.  Grownups accuse each other of "hate".  
LGBT Weekly was upset that Privacy For All was raising money on the popular crowd funding website "GoFundMe".  The site was used to fund PFA's initiative to prohibit unwanted intrusion of physically opposite individuals into bathrooms, showers and locker rooms. 
On the playground, a sure way to isolate the one you did not like, was to say that he or she had cooties.  Playground bullies age, but their tactics don't change that much.
Don't like what somebody is saying? Accuse them of "hate".
Want to stop somebody from donating to a charity that you do not favor? Call the charity "hateful".
Too lazy to form an argument? Call your opponent a "hater".
There is not such a thing as cooties.  But hate really does exist.  And that is why it is all the more repulsive that some throw around the accusation so casually.  
In fairness, LGBT Weekly did have a source for the accusation that a hater is among us.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled one member of the PFA coalition as a "hate group".  And SPLC should know about hate.  They have amassed a small fortune by labeling their ideological opponents as "hate groups".  Never mind that the SPLC has come under increasing fire from conservative and liberal groups alike for their name-calling.
Hate is a motivation, not an act.  Neither LGBT Weekly nor the Southern Poverty Law Center have a mirror to see into people's souls.  The claim that those who do not agree with them are motivated by hate might itself be motivated by hate.
But the accusation of hate shows something more in terms of the battle over who will be allowed to use which bathroom.  Those advocating that gender identity be used as a pass into formerly off limits facilities rely on feelings over reality.
If a boy FEELS like a girl, then he should be able to use the girls' locker room.  (Or the boys' locker room if that FEELS better.)
If you disagree with those actions, then it FEELS like you are full of hate.
But reality and nakedness trump feelings.  In the locker room, unwanted exposure will make some very uncomfortable.  Modesty and a desire for privacy is not hate.  
PFA will not let the accusation of cooties or hate stop them from protecting the privacy of boys and girls in bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.  Let LGBT Weekly and the Southern Poverty Law Center know that you will not be intimidated.  Add your signature to the Personal Privacy Protection Act initiative.  After you sign a petition, donate to Privacy for All and help to protect privacy in California.  

Privacy for All
The Basics
  • This Initiative, if passed, will protect an individual's right to privacy while using locker rooms, restrooms, and showers in government buildings, including public schools. 
  • Under the "Personal Privacy Protection Act" a person must use facilities in accordance with their biological sex in government buildings, including schools.
  • Currently in California, schools are implementing co-ed locker rooms, bathrooms, and showers! This Initiative is necessary to stop this assault on privacy. 
  • Boys and girls should not be forced to shower, change, or use the restroom in front of members of the opposite sex. 
  • We must gather 500,000 signatures to qualify this Initiative for the 2016 ballot.
  •  Petitions are due in our office by November 20th, 2015.