Coping With Change
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To successfully cope with change means dealing with our illusions, and that, in turn, means facing our fears.


 The fact change is inevitable is a reality most of us find difficult to accept, but quite easy to deny.  We fall into patterns or habits that, for good or bad, are comfortable.  They give us a type of surety on how our days will pass.  "I will worry," "I will be sad," "I will be in pain" are as reassuring to some as "I will be joyful," "I will be happy," "I will be relieved" are to others.


To illustrate..., a friend of mine once told me her depression was ebbing and she felt ready to end her therapy, but was concerned as to what she would do with the time she usually spent worrying and being unhappy. 


It made me understand that time and how it is utilized is the key factor in coping with change. Personal development tends to move, glacially.  However, we are living in a time when the pace of technology is outstripping our ability to keep up with it.  Though that is daunting and may give occasion for retreat, we need to unmask and drop our illusions in order to devout time to understanding how we fit in with the forward flow of the evolutionary process.


Is the man in the photo above wondering whether he is seeing a flying saucer or a weird cloud formation?  And, if the latter, given that he is living in an area where the cutting of trees is changing the climate, not only of his land, but that of countries around the globe, does he see this formation as something beautiful or realize it is a sign of something ominous?


Today, a major problem is that science is being politicized for fear of supposed challenges to religious beliefs.  There is too little being done to integrate science and ancient beliefs.  But, they can be integrated. 


As Archangel Michael states in Ray of Life*, "It is the role of the scientific 'believers' to help in the understanding of the physical processes of evolution so as to accelerate their moving into serviceable order just as it is the role of the spiritual 'perceivers' to help in understanding the metaphysical principles behind Creation so as to develop the most fruitful society for living within that serviceable order.  They are to work hand-in-hand."


Science unconceals what already exists and how it may be evolving.  It's important to understand that we, too, are an evolving species.  Human nature is a work in progress that is still in its infancy; just on the brink of realizing the connectivity of all things and understanding we are part of a multi-dimensional Creation. 


Why it's so important for us to rid ourselves of the fears and illusions keeping us in a static mode, is the reality that technology is beginning to modify evolution.  Integrationists...or, as I term them, Lightworkers... are needed to set and insure the ethical standards for monitoring this evolution and of change, in general. 


The fact your help is needed might, hopefully, move you from mere self-concern and give you a sense of purpose.


If you need further inspiration to help you cope with change, there is a Chippewa saying, "Sometimes I go about pitying myself, and, all the while, I am being carried on great winds across the sky."



In the spirit of this upcoming Holiday 
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