Cornerstone News Digest                                                                                            April 6, 2017
Dear Rutgers Colleagues,

We recognize and appreciate the significant effort you are making to partner with the Cornerstone project team to identify issues, test solutions, and work in this new environment. We ask for your continued support as we stabilize the systems and implement new processes.
Recent News
Fiscal Year 2017 Fringe, FICA and Medicare Updates During the next 2-3 weeks, the Office of Budget and Resource Studies (OBRS), and the University Controller’s Office will make entries to the general ledger and Projects sub-ledger to record activities related to the fringe benefit expense, FICA and Medicare, and State-paid fringe benefit revenue for FY17.  Read more  

Financial Management and Reporting Update A plan is underway to expedite the availability of accurate and stable financial accounting reports for sponsored and non-sponsored projects. Corrective actions that can be taken immediately and long-term solutions are detailed on Cornerstone. Read more  
SciQuest Is Now JAGGAER On February 6, 2017, SciQuest announced the launch of its new name, JAGGAER. The name change does not impact the functionality of RU Marketplace. Read more    

Internal Purchase Orders, Finance Reports and Revenue Inquiry Role Updated guidance on internal purchase order (IPO) processes have been provided by the Office of the Controller and Procurement Services. Read more
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