Cornerstone News Digest                                                                                            July 6, 2017
As we begin a new fiscal year, we look forward to partnering with you to improve the ways that we work together. The survey we recently conducted provided valuable feedback. In the coming months, we will share the findings, and create and deliver on action plans to implement enhancements and some of your recommendations. In the meantime, please continue to work with us to stabilize our systems.
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We continue to experience complexities that make using the system and associated processes difficult to navigate. Although we have made significant progress, there are millions of transactions coursing through the system, and we are working diligently to correct issues as they are identified. As you know, this is important work that will take time – for central administration functions and units – to complete.
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Training Module not showing up on Canvas?
If you need to access a Cornerstone online training course and related job aids, but the training module is not displayed on your Canvas dashboard, please contact Canvas to request access. You will need to provide your NetID, and access will be granted within two business days.

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